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Incredible Hulk melon baller

August 5, 2004

In a recent episode of The Simpsons, titled My Big Fat Geek Wedding, Comic Book Guy gives Edna Crabapple a wedding gift (which she subsequently returns after the wedding falls through). If you haven’t seen this episode, seek it out- if for nothing else than the melon baller scene.

The thing stands maybe 20″ tall and is battery operated. When you place a wedge of melon in Hulk’s mouth, he takes a bite of it, lets out a Hulk groan, and out comes a perfectly formed melonball from his backside.

The night that it aired, I desperately tried to find if such an item existed, but apparently it only exists in the imagination of the Simpsons storywriters. After waiting several months since the airing, it appears no one has capitalized on the idea and released such an item.

This got me thinking- why not try to make one myself? Motorizing the jaws to take a bite of something as soft as melon should be straightforward. Most of the work would be conforming to the shape of the action figure. So now I’m on the hunt for a suitable Hulk shell….

Update: There were no ideal Hulks on ebay lastnight- and anything approaching the proper size gets pricey fast. Suggestions anyone?


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  1. I strongly recommend the 15″ hugable hulk for your prototype. It’s pliable nature should give you some room to work with and his head appears to be a good size for the perfect melon ball. See the following:
    <img src=”” alt=”hulk” align=”right”>

  2. Anonymous permalink

    YOUR A FUCKING GENUIS i just saw the episode and was amazed as well that would be brilliant and would make millions your a true pioneer and you the next albert einstien!
    thank you for your tyme
    big gray

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