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Robosapien Goes Mainstream

August 17, 2004

When I first read about Mark Tilden’s Robosapien (an all analog breakdancing and farting robot from the same dude who did those super simple robobugs that learn how to walk), I seriously wanted one- its the only decent looking beast for under a hundred bills- and the fact they weren’t available yet made my gadget envy even worse. The killer videos only fueled the fire.

Six months later, and they’re suddenly mainstream, with a giant inflatable Robosapien gracing the side of Macy’s on 34th.

Soon the market will become saturated (say post Christmas), and you’ll be able to pick up crateloads of these on the cheap. It’s just a matter of time now before I’ll have that Army of Robots to kickstart my plans for world conquest…


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  1. Robosapien is a very kewl toy. My youngest got one for his “kindergarten graduation” (sigh), and it is like his best friend.
    He also has one of those large R2-D2 droids and these 2 watch TV with him. Pretty funny.
    Great droid.

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