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Dynamite Clock

October 13, 2004

Via Gizmodo:
Anyone who grew up mail-ordering copies of the Anarchist Cookbook and True Methods of the Ninja probably shares my fascination with the little shops that sell strange equipment and mild weaponry. If you’re the type that prefers a folding grappling hook over, say, a nine-millimeter handgun, or something like this Dynamite Clock over something easier to get through an airport checkpoint, you should give them a once over—especially if you have appointment… an Appointment to Spy! (I can’t help but make up fake spy movie names when I see this stuff, sorry).

Thought I’d repost because I *am* one of those people that shares his fascination with “strange equipment and mild weaponry.” SpyMall is an interesting peruse that will probably drain me of a few greenbacks.

As sweet as that dynamite clock looks though, I have a hard time seeing why it would cost $125. Seems like a $10 portable clock and a 6 pack of road flares could accomplish nearly the same thing.


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One Comment
  1. Tom permalink

    Hey Rama, I’ll need a ride next week. Car is in for some minor mods.
    Having the full package list installed.

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