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GMail – 502 Server Error

December 2, 2004

That’s what I get when trying to check my GMail. I guess this is why it’s still labelled beta

Multiple reloads via Sun proxies and direct connections made no difference, but some of the search results for gmail 502 error suggest its been happening to people for some time now, even recently. Anyone else experiencing this? So far, its 2 for 2 of the people I’ve talked to with GMail accounts….


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  1. I check my Gmail about 10 times a day; I get a 502 about five times a week, usually between 1500Z and 2300Z, rarely on weekends. (So it seems to be load-based.) Retrying after 5 minutes almost always works.

  2. Roy permalink

    Works fine from work (northern VA). I think I saw the problem once from home but not frequently.

  3. It’s fine for me. I run the Gmail Notifier Firefox plugin, so I don’t have to continually ping it manually. It’s nice since it works with or without a proxy and automatically uses whatever Firefox is using. If it’s getting failures, I doesn’t tell me and I have it set to ping every 5 minutes.

  4. I check my gmail constantly every day … never seen that error once. Sometimes I’ll get a message that says something like “the request could not be processed”, but it never shows an error page.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Does it default in your user name field. if yes remove the and the login goes through fine.

  6. Priya permalink

    I`m trying for 3 hrs but error 502 is not going!
    All the site working only not gmail,,,Now I repent y I left yahho or hotmail for this stupid Gmail……….

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