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Sushi Eating HOWTO

December 14, 2004

Even if you’re a sushi veteran, this how to eat sushi doc is an interesting read, with tidbits like:

Wasabi (wasabia japonica) is a plant that grows almost exclusively in Asia. It became a sushi dressing in the mid-1800’s when the sushi preparers noticed that people who took small amounts of wasabi did not get sick. It turns out that one of wasabi’s best properties is killing parasites in the fish. Its delicate aroma and sweet undertones enhance the flavour of the fish with which it’s eaten.

A lot of it is definitely opinion though. This guy pushes Sho Chiku Bai hot sake, a double faux pas. (Sho Chiku Bai isn’t premium enough to call out by name, and hot sake is rarely as good an one intended to be served cold- but then that’s my opinion.)


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  1. Yummmm hot sake! ;p

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