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Solve your Md1cat10n Problems

January 14, 2005

Even with the updated spam handling system (procmail/spamd), and occasional email slips through the gates- rarely do they even get one brain clock cycle before they’re deleted, but this one caught my attention because if its subject line: nuerological solutions (sic). It read:

solve your med1cat10n problems once and for all
V^1,C,0*D'1-N 75o m*gg
3O PILlS 169.00
more info
Same Day Sh1pp1ng
Alfredo Galindo
Phone: 111-851-7268
Mobile: 892-344-4461

If you can’t trust a fishmonger to solve your medication problems, who can you trust??


From → Humor

One Comment
  1. Dang Rama it’s been almost a week. Too busy to blog or did the fishmonger’s wares put you under the table?

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