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Nikon D70 Rebate – Finally

February 3, 2005

When Nikon announced a $100 rebate on the D70 DSLR back in November, it pushed me off the fence and I finally got one. Shortly after, I completed their rebate process: “cut out your UPC, photocopy your right butt cheek, and send with a DNA sample to Nikon, PO Box…”, and began the waiting game.

Being horrible with dates and generally remembering things, but having a huge pet peeve about companies not actually paying out the rebates, I scheduled an event on my Treo calendar at 6 weeks, the upper limit of their supposed refund mailing timeframe. That date came and passed about 3 weeks ago, but I’ve been too busy to pursue a course of action… not sure if I may have accidently thrown out a plain unmarked envelope thinking it was snail mail spam…

Well it finally arrived today! It was clearly labeled “Nikon” and “Your rebate is enclosed” with what appears to be a check poking through the window- more than enough to keep me from tossing it as junk mail. Good job Nikon– even if it was 3 weeks late…

So if you were like me and jumped on the cheaper (and nicer) D70 bandwagon instead of the Canon series, watch for your rebate in the mail.


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  1. Good tip – I sent off my rebate a couple of weeks ago – I’ll make a note in my diary !!

    PS. looks like you have some comment-spam-cruft above.

  2. [Trackback] I would be interested in hearing form other people who have had trouble collecting on the rebates advertised by Nikon. I bought a D70 in early January and filed for the rebate ASAP. Nikon’s website now disavows any knowledge of my rebate on their websi…

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