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Road Bike Pedal Swap

March 4, 2005

After a conversation with my bro about how crappy I thought my hand-me-down Look pedals are (*really* hard to clip out of even with new cleats, and the slippery plastic cleat nearly dumped me on my arse multiple times when I was walking around off the bike), he finally convinced me to switch to a more modern pedal- Speedplay’s X/2, aka lolipops. My knees aren’t as forgiving as they used to be, so the fact that they have a ton of float helped clinch the deal.
The weather in the bay area has been wet lately, and its wet again tonight- so I had to settle to clipping into them in the garage a few times while stationary… so far so good. I’m sure the float will take some time to get used to, but I can tell it’ll be an improvement regardless. Curious as to how much rotational mass I was saving by leap-frogging a whole decade in pedal design, I busted out my recently aquired triple beam. The Speedplays weighed a mere 97g each, the Looks 228g each- or exactly 1 friggin pound per pair! Yowsa. Any physics gurus out there who can tell me how much extra energy it took to rotate an extra 1/2 lb at 100 RPM over 20 miles?


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  1. Nice! However I think the Speedplays cheat a little by not including the weight of the cleats, which is significant.
    Regarding the physics, assuming no friction, a flat road, and a constant speed there is no extra energy needed for the heavier pedals. You’re probably thinking about the energy it takes to get them (the crank) rotating again, which if I recall increases with the square of the weight. Of course anything heavier on the bike will slow you down on hills and accelerating.

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