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March 9, 2005

I haven’t used my blog as a marketing tool to date, even for Sun products- but this device has such universal appeal I thought I’d break the rule this time. The Squeezebox 2 from Slim Devices is out. Here are the new features:

- True 802.11g wireless
- Lossless compression (FLAC) support
- Audiophile-quality digital and analog outputs
- Enormous audio buffer
- Grayscale display with more than twice the resolution
- Pure-software audio decoding on a screaming fast processor
- Bridging, cross-fading, visualizers, and more...
Also, SlimServer 6.0b1 is now available for download.  SlimServer 6 is
faster, smaller, and supports the new capabilities of Squeezebox2.

I don’t own one myself (yet), but the feature list keeps getting better and better…


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  1. Hey Rama – I have the original SliMP3 (vintage 2003). It is just great. I ripped all 800 of my CDs to high quality VBR MP3s before I moved to the US, storing them in my parents’ attic. The SliMP3 allows me to play them all through my hifi, and the server software (available separately from the hardware player, at no charge) allows me to stream my MP3s from my home machine wherever I happen to be – at work, away on trips – wherever.I’d recommend SlimDevices products to anyone!

  2. Tom permalink

    If they slim up the package and pimp out the remote, you’d have something really nice for the crib.

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