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Snagging Expired Domains

March 10, 2005

Via Roy, an interesting read on acquiring a freshly expired domain name. Basically you have no chance of securing a decent expired domain without these power brokers, kinda like getting in on the typical IPO.

And to think 6-7 years ago, I didn’t register a few domains because I thought $35/year was too much to pay Network Solutions for a simple row of bits in a big Table in the Sky. If I tried to pull what Mike Davidson did (and pay $369 in the process), that would have secured one domain name for a solid decade. Sheesh.


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One Comment
  1. GerwingR permalink

    Good Read; thank you.
    My small experience was near the same.
    Except in the 3 hour limbo period ( call the
    void time slot what you want ) my domain went to
    the Bahamas. To a gent , with the big house
    pool and marine airservice.
    The short of it. I got my clock cleaned.
    No less than redating. Cute.
    so what was the name that I clocked out at.
    Well of course!

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