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Toys of the 70s

June 13, 2005

While catching up with a friend in the halls this morning, I stopped to admire someone’s pushpin happy-face arrangement on a hallway bulletin board. It reminded me of the classic toy of which I couldn’t remember the name. Luckily a few choice terms (“Light” “toy” “70s”) fed into Google came up with this nice list of 70s toys, of which Lite Brite was a part of. Ahh, the interweb…


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  1. Since I grew up in a middle class family w/ four children in the late 60’s & 70’s, we pretty much had to make our own toys from rocks and sticks, so I didn’t get a lite-bright until I was able to pay for it myself. I never did get that ‘Baby Alive’ doll that I so longed for. My big brother made us a slip N slide from trash bags & nails…and we all lived to tell about how much fun that was.

  2. Rama, you youngin’

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