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Happy Hacking Keyboard

September 30, 2005

A friend spotted the keyboard we use (the Logitech UltraX, not the clicky) in the wild this morning, and it started a conversation about the Happy Hacking Keyboard. (anyone in Menlo Park use one of these? We’re both anxious to try before we buy with a price tag like that.)

Apparently whoever maintains that section of the Fujitsu website is not a native English speaker. Check out these tasty bits of Engrish:

If you desire to be seen as “sophisticated” and “distinguished” , we suggest to you the handsome gray, Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional Charcoal Gray. 1

The structure leads to perfect key switching by inertial force and you feel much more better than before. 2

Enough said, I want one!


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  1. Roy permalink

    “adding to your already formidable reputation!”
    I wish they had audio of this.

  2. benr permalink

    I’ve got a Happy Hacking keyboard. I’m not a fan. I waited untill one was released with arrow keys before buying it, I got the PS2 version. I liked the keyboard layout because it has the control key where God intended (Sun style) but otherwise the keyboard is tough to use. Its too small, cramming everything together, making it unnatural to use. The F-keys are accessed via a Fn button, which is fine if you don’t use them alot but I tend to map things to them. More than anything the keyboard is a novelty, its fun for a day, then you toss it out and put back your old keyboard. To this day nothing beats the Sun Type-5c keyboard. (The Type6 is just too streamlined for my tastes.) The one time this keyboard really is great is when using it in a confined area where a full sized keyboard is too large, such as in a rack, but otherwise mine sits in its box in the closet.

  3. ron permalink

    i’ve had the original model for maybe 5-6 years. it’s nice in that it could run Sun or PC. i use it with a Voyager and it fits in the case. when they brought out the cheaper ones that only work with a PS2 connection i bought 3 of them and like them very much for running the few servers that are not Suns.
    i haven’t tried or even seen off their web site the “professional” expensive one but it’s interesting that it was a hit with no markings on the keys.
    i like the small size and can live with the FN shift and got used to it pretty fast. but i still like the Sun Unix keyboards as well, and don’t use a pc very much, having progressed from an Ultra5 to a Blade1000 and then a W2100Z. i mostly avoid using a mouse, and have autoraise so i just use the mouse as a pointer to the terminal window i want to use or the browser if i want to use more than links to see pictures, so don’t mouse click often (use meta-left and meta-right to change CDE workspaces) and like the very small size.
    i will say that the Happy Hacking keyboards are very, very rugged and never get sticky or intermittent.
    (for extreme small keyboards, however, check out Forth’s inventor, Charles Moore’s use of one-handed keyboards with chords. he’s not used a standard keyboard for 20 years).

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