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Shooting Only in Raw

October 19, 2005

By way of a friend, a convincing argument to take digital photography shots only in RAW. I’ve avoided doing so this past year with the D70 mostly because spending countless hours postprocessing my shots with Photoshop CS (or the apparently quite popular CaptureOne LE) isn’t my idea of fun. But in his essay, Petteri Sulonen suggests you might regret that your “early work” is only in JPEG. That struck a chord with me. I equate it to the shots I’ve taken years ago on my first digital camera, and how the quality is so poor compared to today’s standards that the shots sometimes make me cringe. Perhaps I’ll feel the same way someday about my in-camera processed JPEGs…

So on my next shooting session, the camera will be dumping data as RAW, and I’ll try my hand at a workflow that goes beyond picking a handful of the good ones, rotating, possibly stitching a few, and dumping them to my gallery. Perhaps with practice it won’t be as time-consuming as I fear…


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One Comment
  1. I think I will be trying the following.

    – Shoot in .PEF (Pentax RAW Format)
    – Convert to Adobe’s .DNG format for the space savings over the Pentax format.
    – Create .PSD (Native Photoshop Format) files from the .DNG files. This will be my in-progress editable file.
    – Create final .JPG files for printing/display etc.

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