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Sake Brewing with Flower Yeasts

November 9, 2005

On today’s Sake Maker’s Digest, Todd Bellomy shared an interesting bit of information:

“I was reading an article on Nakata Hisayasu, by a professor at Tokyo Univ. Agriculture division. He has been making some interesting developments in Sake brewing yeast extraction from flowers. According to Nakata Sensei, the resulting flower yeast creates a rich, mellow bouquet, like that of Dai Ginjo but without all the laborious rice polishing. Already 33 Kura in Japan have started using flower yeasts and are getting great results. This is very interesting news for American Sake brewers. It would allow them to get Dai Ginjo-esque bouquet and complexity without the severe degree of rice polishing.”

Babelfishing that link didn’t turn up much– hopefully more comes of this in the next few days.


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