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Joust Lives

December 8, 2005

Via the inactive blogger, a write-up on Joust over the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade service. Glad to see they’re paying homage to the old sk00l. Gotta love how curmudgeonly people get when someone dares to touch a classic game:

…there is some debate at Joystiq HQ over the fidelity of the loft-to-button-press ratio. There is a delegation that believes this version plays poorly because it is too hard to keep your trusty ostrich afloat while another thinks this is exactly how the original played, that the other delegation has poor memory, and that this is all a result of using an ostrich as a vehicle.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    JOUST is playable (and has been for many years) on Linux, MacOSX or Win32 via MAME as long as you can score a ROM image.
    My guess is that they ported MAME.

  2. rama permalink

    Perhaps if the Joust MAME ROM is public domain- but when I setting up my MAME box, few if any of them were.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I assume they licensed it from Williams.
    As for the rest of us. Well I did say “score”…

  4. Roy permalink

    I think the original Joust had a variable loft-to-button-press ratio.

  5. robert permalink

    I loved Joust! thanks for the info.

  6. Actually, it is not a MAME port. MAME can not be ported for use as a commercial product due to the MANY different code “rips” that are in the code base and the fact that there are quite a few licenses one would have to get as it has been worked on by many people, using different licenses for the source. I discovered all of this when I was talking to a good friend of mine who worked as the lead on emulation for GameTap. They had to write their own due to these issues. No, if you want to make a kick ass “MAME” box, just build a cabinet (plans can be found at, get a subscription to GameTap, and POOF! Hundreds of games to play!

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