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Samorost 2

December 11, 2005

The Amanita Designs guys came out with Samorost 2, an addictive Flash based puzzle game, this time attempting to monetize its popularity by charging $10 to continue to the 2nd chapter.

The first chapter is easier than I remember the original Samorost being- maybe because I’ve learned to just click like mad when I get stuck- but the music and sound effects are at least as good, and there’s more “character development”. A worthy sequel well worth the 10 or so minutes it’ll take to complete.

I was planning on kicking up the $10 for the 2nd chapter (although reports on the interweb say its shorter than the first chapter) to support Amanita Design’s efforts. When clicking the purchase link, I see its no longer Flash based- you choose a Windows or Mac version. :-/ Ok, I’m willing to give up my platform independance for such a small purchase… drilling further into the checkout process sends you to a random ( ecommerce site that wants all kinds of private info- even though they checkout process just sends you an email on where to pick up the bits! Erg. Ok… But the final straw was that they charge $3 for Paypal payments- its only $10 if you give them your credit card number. No thanks.

Amanita, if you’re listening, make purchasing easier! You’re scaring people away with that sketchy checkout process.


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