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Worse Than Diet Coke

April 19, 2006

I haven’t given up on getting Mr Watt to accept espresso as a tasty beverage, but after today’s events, I’m one step closer…

After lunch, I usually send out a quick IM to the espresso buddies, to see who’s down for a quick shot. Mr. Watt characteristically turns it down, but hey- I gotta keep trying. When we return from the machine, he’s coming back from the cafeteria- carrying a freakin girlie drink! Mr Watt’s gone so far as to poke fun at my dainty little espresso cups in the past- all in good fun, sure- so the humor in this is not lost on him, and he allows me to take a cameraphone pic of his little sissy beverage:

I wish the resolution were good enough to capture the ingredients list. Needless to say, it was distressingly long and foul looking. This filth marketed as an energy drink, packaged in a sexual-preference-questioning manner, is what Mr. Watt choses over delicious, freshly brewed espresso…

The horror. The horror.

Update: 19.April 13:10PST. Mr. Watt gave espresso another shot with gentle prodding. No comments on whether he enjoyed it or not, but at least he’s tougher than his recycle bin full of energy drink cans would lead you to believe. πŸ™‚


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  1. Dude. That was harsh. It would be nice if you got the story straight though. 1) I admittedly poked fun at it myself. Its a terrible drink, but if I need a pick me up, it works better for me than eXpresso. 2) You negleted to mention that the drink was purchased in lieu of the usual X-Games style AMP energy drink (Hmm, I don’t recall seeing dainty eXpresso tea-cups at the X-Games). Oh and 3) It doesn’t leave that foul ass taste in my mouth either.

    To each his own, bro.

  2. On your points:
    1. I *said* you saw the humor in purchasing that drink. Secondly, it “works better for you” because it has 2-3 times the caffeine as a single shot of espresso.

    2. I didn’t neglect to mention anything I felt was relevant- the fact is you *did* buy and drink a Tab. The fact that you base your beverage purchasing decisions fairly heavily on X Games marketing doesn’t help your case here…

    3. To each his own indeed. I could us that same comment on your beverage of choice. The SFGate says Tab Energy tastes “like a liquid Jolly Rancher, like cough syrup mixed with Pixie Stix, like Sweet Tart-flavored Alka-Seltzer.” De-licious! πŸ™‚

  3. In response:

    1. What other reason is there to drink expresso except for the caffiene and/or antioxidents? Surely not the taste. So the only difference really is that energy drinks do not have the antioxidents.

    2. Whoops, sounds like you ASSume I made a beverage choice based on some marketing ploy. Be careful there. I merely said that they are marketed to more extreme athletes. And this _is_ relevant to your story when you are calling them sissy drinks.

    3. You like chocolate don’t you? Ice cream? Candy in general? So why is the Tab Energy and better or worse than any of these, in the context of taste? I don’t see the merit in the SF-Gate quote. Yes tab takes like liquid jolly rancher blah blah. Yes, expresso tastes like ass. Get over it.

    4. Its probably worth it to point out once again that I’ve have tried *both* drinks. Have you? If not, perhaps you should try the sugar-tarty goodness of an energy drink before you knock it.

  4. sigh… round #2…

    1. Are you ASSuming everyone dislikes the taste of coffee and espresso? Most people I know who drink espresso *crave* the taste. I haven’t heard anyone say they’re longing for the big bold flavor of an energy drink.

    2. You generalized my comment that Tab is a sissy drink to cover all energy drinks. I never called AMP a “sissy drink”, as disgusting as it may be. Get your facts straight.

    3. Chocolate and ice cream have nutritional value. I eat candy on occasion too, sure. But never “diet” foods with artificial sweeteners that have questionable histories in relation to cancer. In regards to taste, are you saying you choose to drink AMP and Tab because of the taste? Or that you think it tastes as good as chocolate, or ice cream?? I can honestly say a good espresso is on par with the best chocolate I’ve had. I can’t say that about any canned beverage I’ve ever had…

    4. Fair enough. Next time you get one, pour off a small sample and I’ll post a follow up to this with my tasting notes. I reached out to you with things I felt were worthwhile. If you think these energy drinks are so wonderful, why didn’t you do likewise? Where’s the love?? πŸ™‚

  5. Wassy permalink

    Ok, this is hilarious. Keep up the good comments; I’m having fun watching the debate.
    On that note, watt, it’s a freakin’ plaid can. Geez, can it be any more sissy? At least Red Bull is in a tasteful blue/silver can, and race car drivers drink it.
    How come watt’s comments line up on the left, and rama’s are centered? Geez, is watt an HTML wizard?
    Espresso does taste like crap, but I still like it. When I finish I realize I have at least another day before subjecting my tongue to that burnt ash flavor sensation.

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