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India’s Fascination With the Mystery Spot?

August 25, 2006

On the first day of a leadership training class I took several years ago, the instructor had people go around the room and do brief introductions. The majority of the students were Indian, and in what I assume was an awkard attempt at breaking the ice, the instructor blurted out: “what is it with those Mystery Spot bumper stickers you guys always have on your cars?” Everyone sort of laughed it off as a racist generality (or at least I did). It struck me as such as odd statement that I started paying more attention to these stickers and who’s behind the wheel of those cars. As it turns out, the instructor was right! The majority of the drivers *were* Indian. Since then, I’ve asked a few people, and vaguely recall someone mentioning that tourism companies in India really hype it up as a place to visit, although I may have that confused with Mission Peak in Fremont…

Can anyone help clarify?


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  1. Venky permalink

    I just saw your blog on Indians and Mystery spot 🙂 , and couldn’t help
    writing this..I am just cracking up still as I type this mail.Here is my
    theory 🙂 …

    To me what attracts Indians to Mystery Spot mainly could be its
    involvement with science and how it defies some theories(at least claims
    to be..).The Indian education system is very much science/math oriented
    which makes Mystery spot even more mysterious to Indians I think..I must
    admit that I have made 3-4 visits to that place already mainly to
    entertain people visiting me from India..I am tired of that place and
    opt to sit in the car all the time 🙂

    But that doesn’t explain why they should use that sticker … I
    personally cannot stand that sticker and have wondered how it attracts
    so many Indians in general.. Here is what I have observed in my 6 years
    in the Bay Area..If you see an Indian guy with that sticker in the car,
    there is a high possibility that

    * That person did *NOT* do higher studies in U.S.
    * That person came to work in U.S directly during the Y2K boom in 1998-2000
    * Most likely newly married or his/her parents have recently visited U.S
    * I bet 90% of the cars with that sticker is either a Honda Civic or
    Toyota Corolla.

    I am yet to find a good reason as to what attracts them to the sticker
    in general.

  2. Satish permalink

    This is strange – I worked in the CA MPK office for abt 9 months and never once saw this sticker… in fact, I didnt event know about this place – Probably because I don’t belong to the demographic that Venky talks about (although I do own a corolla and am proud of it too).

    Google “mystery spot”, here I come!

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