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Uninstalling the Cisco VPN 5000

September 9, 2006

Sun uses a VPN product from Cisco to allow people to connect to the internal net from remote locations. For years now, the VPN 5000 version was supported alongside the VPN 3000 version, so I never bothered upgrading the client on one of my home Windows boxes. Now Sun is finally EOL’ing support for the VPN 5000 client, so I took a stab at what should have been a trivial software upgrade this morning- nope!

First off, I should give credit to Sun IT for including a Quick Start Guide which is nice and short, and has only a single FAQ entry– describing exactly the problem I was having:

Question #1My system reboots repeatedly after upgrading from 5000. (XP / 2000)

Although this issue has been reportedly been corrected (via Cisco), it was included as a precautionary measure. If your machine continually reboots (more than twice) after attempting to install the vpn 3000 (with or without uninstalling the 5000), you will need to manually uninstall the vpn 5000. Please refer to the How to Manually Uninstall the VPN 5K Client – PDF.

Backing up Windows Registry (for 9x, 2000 & XP) for the above procedure.

Okay, no big deal- I can follow directions. But… none of them seemed to apply to my system. First, the registry backup instructions didn’t apply- I don’t have those .dat files anywhere in my Windows directory. Whatever- press on to the Cisco vpn5k_uninstall.pdf doc, which I soon came to learn was a lesson in how to *not* write documentation. Every assumption it made about my system was wrong. Way to go, Cisco.

Finally I turned to searching for people having similar troubles on the net- and found this brief, lovely doc from USC:

Manually Uninstalling IntraPort VPN client 5000
To manually uninstall the VPN 5000 client:

  • Click on the Start menu, select Run, and type regedit in the Open field.
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Cisco Systems.
  • Delete the VPN Client entry.
  • If you see the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Compatible Systems entry, delete Compatible Systems.
  • Remove the C:\Program Files\Intraport Client directory to delete the unnecessary files.

Two quick and dirty entries nuked via regedit and I was finally able to complete the VPN 3000 installation. Phew. Hopefully this helps someone else out there…


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