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Shameful Spammers

September 25, 2006

Funny how tech companies seem to be the biggest spam offenders. (Maybe it was my explicit trust of such companies by giving them my email address in the first place…) Despite repeated attempts to get off their mailing lists, my only success has been in blacklisting them via my SpamAssassin prefs- published here in an attempt to shame them into changing their evil ways:

blacklist_from		*
blacklist_from		*
blacklist_from		*


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  1. Ahaha. Similarly, West Legal Group spammed me even after a human there told me I was unsubbed, as did their web software. I emailed them a second time asking if I should bill them for my time in sorting out their broken system. The spam stopped.

  2. Matthew permalink

    Oh how I hate you. I continue to get spam from these jokers even after I have opted out many many times. I have also sent a polite email to their info @ address. Yeah they didn’t reply. Jerks.

  3. Marc permalink

    maplesoft is another one. You can use their software, but never give them your email address.

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