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Newshutch: Web Based Feed Reader

October 26, 2006

Although I’ve been an active BlogBridge (stand-alone/java/open-source reader) user for some time, a couple disjoint actions today turned me on to a sweet looking web based feed reader: Newshutch.

First, I was IMing with a friend about the lack of a good web-based reader. (Live Bookmarks, Sage, and Bloglines just aren’t my cup of tea- YMMV.) Later, I checked out what sounded like an interesting wiki variant, GTDTiddlyWiki, that Digg turned me on to- mostly as a potential candidate to move my calendar/contact/misc data to in order to ditch my ancient, bulky Treo 600.

The very first blurb on the site is (at the moment):

Newshutch is a web based news reader by me and Doug Mc Innes. If you like GTD Tiddly Wiki, you’ll like Newshutch.

The earlier IM conversation primed my eyes, and I was receptive to what I’d ordinarily dismiss as an advertisement. A beautifully short registration process, a quick OPML dump from Blogbridge and import into Newshutch, and I was up and running in less than 5 min, with all my existing feeds.

Give it a spin. (One thing to note- if you import OPML, not all feeds will show up immediately. Newshutch appears to have an immutable delay before it pings each feed for updates- and it doesn’t seem to do them all at once when you first do the import.)


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