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Photo: Mercury Transits the Sun

November 8, 2006

While walking across the building this afternoon, I noticed my friend Will T. in the courtyard setting up a telescope. He tells me its to check out Mercury transitting the sun, which won’t occur again until May 9, 2016. So I run down to my office to grab my point-and-shoot camera- here’s a shot it produced while wedged against the eye piece. Thats Mercury at six o’clock, a sunflare at five o’clock.


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  1. Sweet picture!
    So, Will actually travelled to MPK with his telescope?

  2. Will T permalink

    Yes, I traveled to MPK with a telescope. But it’s small and fits into something about the same size as a laptop bag which helps me keep my cover as an astrophile when traveling.
    BTW, Rama’s picture is pretty damn good when you compare it against this professional shot. Although that one is really a combination of multiple shots showing the progress of the transit.

  3. Did you use the flash? 🙂

  4. Will permalink

    This guy used an H-alpha filter (read expensive, narrow-band filter) to capture transit images. There is a cool animation of the last 10mins of the transit:

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