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Sun Hardware Longevity: SunBlade 2000 Uptime

January 2, 2007

Although not as impressive as Watt’s personal case study on the reliability of Sun hardware, I had to jump on the bandwagon with another data point. I just replaced my primary desktop at work, after many years, and became a bit reminiscent of my old desktop, a Sun Blade 2000. Namely the fact that since firing it up, I haven’t had a single hardware failure. Its been in operation continuously since April 23, 2003 (minus a some power outages a few summers ago)- and its still kicking, now as my headless mail server. Close to four years and counting.

When people ask me if I were going to populate a data center with hardware, would I go beige box or “stay loyal”, this is one of the reasons I usually recommend Sun hardware. I’ve been building “beige box” machines from supposedly quality parts since the late 1980’s, and nothing I’ve seen approaches that sort of uptime…


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  1. It could be an isolated instance and I really hope it was, but here is my story:
    Have never questioned the reliability of a Sun hardware and that goes from Ultra-1s. I had systems running for two years straight without a reboot. I was so happy that its’ reliability got converted to trust and I ended up removing all the Windows machines from my home, but one. Bought one Ultra-10 from a refurbished store and ran my database server on it. Was slow but years gone by and no problems. Then one day I decided to purchase the Sunfire v100 through the employee purchase plan. It was the first rack server and I overnight became a celebrity among my friends. My trust kicked in and one day I retired all of the other Sun machines. Installed CVS and version controlled all my 10 years of work on v100. Ran SunONE web servers and was almost ready to go “live” when one day it decided not to boot. Hmm! What could be wrong? C’mon its a Sun machine. I must be doing something wrong. Long and repeated LOM debugging started. May be its a harddisk. May be its the kernel. Email threads with sunmanagers followed. Hours and Hours of painstaking debugging… I had lost the disk controller. I was so confident that I had not even taken any warranty. My work of 10 years was lost. Was that just one machine? No it was not. It was my love, the care taker of my hardwork. I looked at the only Windows machine running in the corner of my bedroom and that still played my mp3s.

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