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Ferrari4000 vs MacBook Pro

January 26, 2007

I’ve just received my next laptop, just in time for the weekend: A Macbook Pro. The Acer Ferrari 4000 is a nice machine, but the opportunity presented itself to try an Apple (for the first time), and I took it. More office bling to covet. [thanks Will]

So far- unpackaged, powered-up, patched- I’ve got mixed feelings about it. The build quality of the Apple if far superior to the Acer, its quieter, and is *slightly* smaller. The first thing I noticed was the one monolithic mouse button sticks up, its not flush. If it weren’t for another Macbook a friend got at the same time showing the same symptom, I’d have thought this were a manufacturing defect (maybe it still is, and affects the whole batch?) After booting it up and going thru the initialization process, I got to a registration screen, and although it claims to be optional, I couldn’t bypass it without providing all the info! Luckily Watt was at the same screen by now, and found that you could function-Q around this. And yes, I’m a privacy freak.

Other than those two things, its been smooth sailing. The Macbook found the wireless signal and downloaded a bunch of updates– and thats all I’ve had time for so far. I’ll have to get more comfortable (starting with a 3 button mouse!) this weekend. Check out Flickr for more photos comparing the Ferrari to the Macbook.


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  1. ThinGuy permalink

    U40: Check
    Acer Ferarri 4005: Check
    Mac Book Pro: Bzzt!
    I want to try an Apple…how do these opportunities arise without whipping out your own plastic?:)

  2. I’ve got two engineering reqs posted at the moment. Thats one way. 🙂

  3. I’m interested in hearing how is compares to the ferrari in terms of performance. I’m glued to my Ferrari and it performs well for me, but I’d like to know how the powerbooks compare.

  4. Paul- if you have tests in mind that will run on both platforms, I’ll do it and post the results. The Ferrari 4000 is just a AMD Turion 64, vs the Macbook Pro’s Intel 2.33GHz duo- both with 2 gigs of RAM. I’d expect the Mac to come out ahead…

  5. I witnessed you say yes to the Mac, and it was a good day.

  6. To cancel the registration process, you only needed to press Command Q. It is optional.

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