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Thoughts on the Future of Winemaking

February 14, 2007

Further along the lines of the bourbon in a plastic bag entry, is an interesting post on Dr Vino about the “threat” of nanotechnology. I’m not a regular reader enough to tell if this is sarcasm, or if the author truly perceives manufactured food a threat.

The more I learn about the process of wine making, the more I realize how primitive it really is. Even the rudimentary steps are nearly impossible for winemakers to agree on, but when you introduce controversial, and relatively recent changes, like micro-ox (made infamous by the Mondovino villan Michel Rolland), its clear our collective knowledge of whats really happening from grape to bottle is in its infant stages, probably doubling every decade or so these past 50 years.

Who’s to say its not “right” to manufacture wine, let alone whats best? Without out a doubt, wine will become more manufactured, leaving less up to the whims of nature. And I welcome our new nanotech overlords.


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