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Nikon, You’re on Notice!

February 21, 2007

First Pentax releases the K10D, now they come out with my near dream (by spec) lens: a new DA* 16-50mm ƒ/2.8. At a list price of $900, its not too far off from Nikon’s impossible to get (and nowhere near as fast) 18-200VR.

Is it just me, or has Pentax’s (and even Canon’s) recent releases stepped out ahead of Nikon lately? I’m tired of the D40/D50 news, I want a D80 replacement/rebuttal post haste! As in before I invest heavily in more glass. Like now.


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  1. I am quite interested in the new DA* lenses. Especially the 16-50 which should be a fantastic walkabout lens. You of course are looking at a bigger range in the Nikon 18-200 though. To cover that approximation you need both the 16-50 f2.8 and the 50-135 f2.8. Pentax claims these will surpass their older FA* series and any lens if you believe the press release. If that is the case, they should be fantastic performers. I need to start blogging on the Pentax action, as a fanboy you beat me to it! I should be ashamed.

  2. isn’t it a little early to put Nikon on notice when you haven’t even tried out the 18-200 or any of the VR lenses yet? and you already want a replacement for the D80? why?
    i don’t doubt that Pentax, Canon, and the other camera makers have great stuff, but i haven’t seen anything to make me think they offer more than Nikon. i have had nothing but positive experiences with my Nikon equipment and i am fully expecting that to be further reinforced once i get my hands on one of the 18-200 VR lenses.

  3. “isn’t it a little early to put Nikon on notice when you haven’t even tried out the 18-200 or any of the VR lenses yet?”

    This isn’t simply about one lens, its about the constant barrage of product updates I’ve been seeing from Pentax and Canon, but not from Nikon. Debating which lens is superior would be futile, but IMO the pentax limited zoom with fixed/fast aperature has superior specs for the price. And given they’re both VR (assuming you mount it on the k10d), I consider that cancelled from the equation. I’m actually still anxious to get/try the nikon 18-200VR, however I would *prefer* the pentax lens all things being equal.

    “and you already want a replacement for the D80? why?”

    because the k10d is similar in spec (or even slightly superior) yet costs a bit less. I want to see an “answer” from Nikon on this through a new body like a D90, not through the more recent releases like the crippled d40/d50. If they can’t answer soon, I lose some faith they can stay on top, and will be less likely to invest heavily in Nikon mount glass.

  4. And IMO, one more reason why Pentax is on top is with their in-body VR (especially given its comes literally for free price-wise when comparing against the d80): you can mount any glass and
    get VR. Check this out if you want more controversial debates around this:

  5. For some reason this surprises me coming from you because I believe I remember you telling me something to this effect when I was about to get my camera … “there’s always going to be new gear coming out and ultimately you’ll just have to make a choice and stick with it.”
    Maybe that wasn’t you, but the point is perfectly valid in this case. I don’t think you can plan to jump ship and switch to different camera makers every time something new comes out because you’ll be constantly switching. Nikon has been a giant in the camera industry forever and so I have faith that they will continue to produce great gear. It’s entirely possible that as soon as you buy into the Pentax line Nikon will come out with something a little bit better and you’ll be back to looking at their equipment. So I see it as a battle you can’t win.
    I also think the article you pointed out illustrates the situation perfectly, “two very, very different strategies for getting to essentially the same place”. I agree with that statement and believe that when it’s all said and done most of the gear out there from the different equipment makers will get you to the same place, they just take different paths.
    Maybe your shooting style lends itself better to the way Pentax is designing their gear and if that’s true then maybe you’ll be happier switching, but what’s really funny to me is that when I read the link at the beginning of this post about the 2 new lenses my honest reaction was “who cares?”. Those lenses sound very nice, but they don’t sound like competition to the 18-200 VR lens from Nikon in my eyes. I know you like wide apertures, but that’s not a big issue to me, what’s a bigger issue is that to get both of those lenses you would be spending $1900 and still only getting f2.8 16-135mm. The Nikon VR offers 18-200mm in a single lens for half the price and the only downside is you only get f3.5-4.5 which is somewhat compensated for by the VR technology.
    We could probably go back and forth on this forever, but my main point is that you have a great camera with lots of great gear available for it and you can still accomplish a lot with what you have.

  6. Shannon permalink

    Any news when there will be a replacement for the D80? 21

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