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February 27, 2007

You down with A.O.P.?… err, no:

I know I’m not the first to gripe about it, but this must be one of the craziest examples of Amazon’s seemingly inefficient packaging process. Yep, its 99% empty- the thing they shipping in this shoebox sized container was an infrared remote- barely visible in the upper right corner. And whats more, shipping was free for me (as it was part of an order over $25 from months ago- the remote was just back ordered.) Could this really be the most cost effective shipping option?

Amazon’s lucky I have the option to recycle all of that junk, or I’d rail on them from the green POV too. (although the plastic bags are not easy to do- my city doesn’t pick that type of plastic up curbside.)


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  1. TOM permalink

    I’d rail on them, that’s ridiculous waste of packaging. I’ve noticed that one box seems to fit all when ordering from Amazon.

  2. Well at least they pick up glass out there. After coming back to Nashville I was shocked to find that glass was not part of the curbside recycling program. We get to haul that to a drop-off center ourselves. I guess the majority of beer consumption here is from the can.

  3. process improver permalink

    would you be kind enough to provide me with your order ID # so I can investigate this?
    process improver

  4. “process improver”? why so anonymous?

    if you provide me with an email address, I’ll gladly send you the order ID#. Who knows how that information could be reverse engineered if I posted it on the interweb…

  5. would you be kind enough to provide me with a photo of your childhood — one that shows your home job hair cuts and home made clothing so I can investigate this? Thanks, personalization improver

  6. You need to move. Cupertino takes all kinds of crap in a single recyclables container, including plastics 1-6.

  7. wow. san jose was pretty good when I lived there too. i wish i had a way to shame my city into submission. jerks.

  8. Check this out:
    I know that Amazon is often overdoing it, but what Dell does is unbelievable.

  9. This is bad, but unfortunately there is one other company who is worse and that’s Sun.
    When customers order a server they end up receiving around 3-5 separate boxes,

    1 with the server
    1 with the CD/DVD drive
    1 with the RAM (upgrade)
    1 with the power cord

    Seriously, with all the Sun Sigma stuff going around, how much time do we have to spend on a ‘Sigma’ to stop this arcane practice? It sucks for Sun, sucks for Sun customers, sucks for the environment, and the only people that benefit from it are the cardboard box manufacturers.

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