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Goodbye Newshutch; Hello Google Reader

March 6, 2007

I’ve been an avid Newshutch user for several months now, but the QoS has slowly degraded, so I’ve jumped ship to Google Reader for the foreseeable future. (hot on the heels of Allen, who jumped ship too.)

Newshutch, if this gets your attention, please fix the following (in order of importance to me):

1. Re-enable prefetch. For slower sites with more than one batch of entries, I’m waiting for the next batch of entries to load once I get to the psuedo-bottom. (if your servers can’t handle this, you should limit the # of users you support until you can.) Its also annoying because I used the scroll bar as a “progress meter” (percent read in this feed), and now thats gone.

2. You’ve got some elusive bug that showed Engadget or Consumerist feeds under my Slashdot feed (“you got your peanut butter in my chocolate!”) Its been that way for a while now.

3. Delays in feed updates. I’ve started subscribing to a few things that are time sensitive, like Dave does with Hudson reports. But delays between feed fetches render much of that functionality moot.

4. And lastly, as a DoS to prevent me from leaving, the OPML export was invalid XML. Ampersands weren’t properly escaped, and I needed to fix a bunch before I could successfully import it.


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  1. Have you tried bloglines? I jumped ship from google reader about 18 months ago.

  2. Yep- I’ve tried bloglines and and netvibes. plus application based readers like rssowl and blogbridge. you should give google reader another go– they’ve made a lot of good changes recently.

  3. Did you try Snarfer?
    Under Ubuntu I use Liferea, of course. Excellent.

  4. +1 for google reader. This is the first “reader” I have have actually used for more than a day. It also helps that I have totally sold out to google and already have a login.

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