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Palm: You Suck at the Internet

March 9, 2007

As I mentioned back in January, along with countless others, congress in the infinite wisdom (har har) moved DST this year. Well its just a couple of days away now- and Palm decides to send out an alert about this *now*. Gee, thanks for the heads up. :-/

NEW Daylight Saving Time changes - Palm(R) device update required!
You are receiving this product-related message because our records
indicate that you have purchased and/or registered a Palm device.
Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins March 11, 2007 -- three weeks
earlier than last year. DST will also last one week longer in the
fall as well, changing back to standard time on November 11, 2007.
To help your calendar events and email reflect these new DST changes,
please visit the link below to download the DST update for all Palm(R)
devices. Remember, your device will NOT update automatically, so
please download this update from before March 11:


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  1. Yeah I got this email on the 10th. This was while I was out of town. Fortunately, since the time syncs with the network things seem OK but I guess I will patch anyway.

  2. Be aware that it messes up your one-off appointments. Mine got rescheduled for an hour later.

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