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Good Reading: The BileBlog

March 14, 2007

Not too long ago, Matthew turned me onto The BileBlog (probably as I was bitterly whining about some horrible technology we had to deal with, and he found it apropos to mention.) I added the feed to my reader and quickly forgot about it. Today, there was a new entry- and after my initial “wtf is the bileblog?” reaction and scanning the entry, I realized I largely agreed with what he had to say. And the entries are funny ’cause they’re true! (Well 4 for 4 random entries of my choosing were, I haven’t yet delved deeper than that.)

My only gripe- of which I realize I’m guilty of myself, and should soon fix- is that I couldn’t obviously find a link to a “who am I?” page. Someone with such potent opinions, it seems, should be qualified with such a page.


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One Comment
  1. Please note that Mr. Bile uses very colorful language. If you find yourself easily offended by colors you might want to avoid it.

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