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Home NAS Woes

March 22, 2007

Some time ago, when I set up a Slug as my home NAS, I thought my file organization woes would be over. Problem is I’m paranoid about my one attached harddrive failing and taking all my precious files with it (consisting largely of photos and music). So instead, I’d keep the local copies and sync it with the NAS. Problem being, not all my machines have sufficient storage to do that- so over time, I ended up with two copies of everything somewhere, spread out over (1) the NAS backup, and (2) the original on one of three PCs. Chaos.

Looking around my cluttered office, I see:
– a Windows/Ubuntu laptop with a 40G HD and an attached 200GB drive over firewire.
– a Windows/Solaris desktop with two internal 320GB drives, unmirrored.
– an OSX laptop with an internal 80GB drive.
– A Slug with an attached 320GB USB enclosure.

I’ve got a business trip to Prague shortly, and sorting out what I want on the iPod for the long flight has brought this issue to a head. (the setup would consist of a pair of Etymotic ER6’s plus a MINT amp my brother built for me, but I’m afraid of getting a cavity search if/when they see the homebrewed amplifier, so its staying home.)

In an effort to organize the music mess prior to reloading the iPod, I’m currently running SyncToy on the windows box, snarfing files over Firewire and stuffing them down the net to the Slug (man I wish it was all Gig net), while on the desktop I’m running SharePod, which is backing up all the music from the iPod also over the net to the Slug. It will probably be completed in roughly 3 hours. Oof.

So whats the right answer? Hang another USB drive off the Slug and RAID them, replace the whole deal with a Terastation Pro, something else? I dunno yet, but whatever it is, I’m already thinking I need to build out another USB enclosure and do a off-site backup via sneakernet or regular rsync. (A thorough home robbery or fire would wipe out the only copy of a good portion of my data.)

Maybe I’m getting lazy, but this sort of problem used to be fun, now its just annoying…


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  1. I just bought used Adaptec IDE RAID controller off eBay and running RAID 5 on my old PIII computer under FreeNas. 4 x 400Gb HDDs and you’re getting 1.2 Gb storage. Nice and simple. 🙂

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