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JPA: Half Baked

March 22, 2007

The Bileblog has solidified (IMO) that today’s JPA implementations are half-baked. Allen, perhaps you can chime in with what you found while exploring Hibernate’s JPA impl. for use with Roller?


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  1. Allen permalink

    Well, I am by no means an expert, but I would agree that JPA hasn’t really delivered on all that it promises from what I’ve seen.
    You can certainly accomplish your persistence needs with JPA, but the idea that you can swap out providers freely is totally bogus. From what I’ve seen while switching between TopLink, OpenJPA, and Hibernate there are inconsistencies between the 3 which most likely require code modification to fix.
    I can see some good reasons to use JPA and it can get the job done, but I’m still not convinced that it’s an improvement over the Hibernate api.

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