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Beer in SF

April 6, 2007

Being a brewer and beer lover, I’ve long known about Toronado (and its convenient proximity to delicious meat products). Lately however, I’ve been asleep at the wheel. Jed just turned me on to The City Beer Store & Tasting Bar. Its been open for nearly a year! And its only 0.5 miles from BART.

I’ll be killing off my liver with wine this Easter weekend, but will have to give this place a shot the following weekend.

UPDATE: As Jed will likely beat me to this place, and has kindly offered to scout any beers of interest I may have- I culled together a few top contenders that are hard to find in the bay area (in bottle). Here it is, for those interested:

– anything from Three Floyds:
– anything by Dogfish- especially the 60, 90, or 120 minute IPAs
– Rodenbach, La Folie, or any other Flanders Red ale except Duchesse (which you can get at bevmo)
– something from Cantillion that doesn’t sound to ghey
– his top choice for an Altbier
– his top choice for the *absolute freshest* phenolic wheat beer- lots of banana, cloves, etc. none of this “american wheat” swill.


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One Comment
  1. Tom permalink

    Ah geeze Rama, now I feel bad about not telling you about the beer store. Brendan lives right across the street and I’ve sampled many of the special brews on tap in the tasting room. 😉

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