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OMG Pong!

April 9, 2007


I dunno about you, but I haven’t had one of these OMG video game moments in a long time. Are we past the video gaming heyday, or are my expectations too high?


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  1. Pong meets your expectations? By that I mean what are your expectations? I would say we are only just getting into the heyday. Granted the shock of moving a graphic around on the TV screen as an utterly new concept is no longer with us. But there are games that continue to innovate. I have been spending good quality time recently with a guitar controller and a crowd shouting for me to play Freebird. And play it I did.

  2. Pong *met* my expectations- as I didn’t have any at that time. You have to judge it in in the context of its era. I’m not sure what my expectations are today, but nothing’s wowing my pants off right now. Guitar Hero looks cool, but isn’t that just dance dance revolution with a different spin?

  3. I think you just aren’t in the loop as much as you need to be. There are a lot of crap games out, just like movies. But in addition there are some true gems. Guitar Hero fulfills a fantasy in anyone who ever had a band in college. Or anyone who ever harbored the desire to be a rock star. At its core it is a rhythm game but is an incredibly satisfying experience. The era has nothing to do with game play. Take the Wii, in comparison to the others, it is underpowered and the graphics are nothing like the Xbox 360 or PS3. But it offers something new in terms of the game play experience and is a lot of fun.

  4. re: the Wii- I agree, its the only novel thing from the gaming industry in recent time. The real test of time will be if anything worthwhile follows on to Wii Sports.
    So, again: “Guitar Hero looks cool, but isn’t that just dance dance revolution with a different spin?” 🙂

  5. I guess you just aren’t cool enough to “get it.” Perhaps you have no guitar skillz are are just scared. 🙂

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