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Fancy Analog Clock

April 25, 2007

First off– ya, ya. My blog is so boring I’m writing about a wall clock. Happy? 😉

So a couple friends at work have old sk00l analog wall clocks in their offices. I’ve grown to rely on them during impromptu hallway conversations, to see if I’m running late for a meeting or something (I don’t wear a watch.) I finally broke down and ordered one, to add to the clutter on my office walls. When installing the battery, I noticed a switch for “New-Old-Off”. The instructions claim this is to have it automatically adjust for the new (or old) daylight savings time, called Set & Forget. Fancy!

The engineer in me had to take it apart to see how this works- it certainly wasn’t easy to pop the back cover off- and they didn’t provide any directions on how to do so. Inside was the typical clock guys you’d expect, but also a CR2032 watch battery. I’m guessing it uses the same tech as one of their other clocks, which really sucks- because… Here’s the important thing: Never remove all of the batteries at the same time because the internal calendar memory (Set & Forget functions) will no longer function properly. So now I need to carefully pry off the back of this clock and replace the watch battery in a staggered fashion with the AA battery. What a royal PITA. When that CR2032 gives up the ghost, I’ll be switching the DST option to off, thank you very much.

One more way a technology that was supposed to make things easier really just made things more complicated… sigh.


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One Comment
  1. Bob Tromborg permalink

    I really like that wall clock, and I need one for my room. Where did you order that one from?

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