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The City Beer Haul

May 24, 2007

I took the day off and finally made it to the City Beer Store too haul as much as I could manage back home. For some reason I was expecting more from the place- perhaps unrealistically. Between all the hyping of the online reviews, the fact that that I can already get a good selection from my local haunts, and that some of my top choices weren’t stocked or just aren’t available in California at all (Three Floyds, Rodenbach, although the owner confirmed Dogfish is making its way to California soon.) Even so, there were many more beers I wanted to try, but just wouldn’t have been able to carry the 2-3 miles to/from the train stations. I do recommend the place and will return. From left to right:

Girardin Gueuze 1882 Black Label, Cantillon Broucsella (1900) Grand Cru, AleSmith Grand Cru Ale, AleSmith Wee Heavy (unfortunately he was all out of the other Alesmith’s), Buffalo Belgian Stout (this was one of the beers available on tap he was kind enough to let me taste, so I thought I’d give it a spin), Arrogant Bastard Ale.

To my friends who read this, feel free to call dibs on any of the bottles you want to try and I’ll set it aside to crack in your presence (better act fast, I’m getting thirsty!)


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