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Bear Grylls =? Fraud

July 25, 2007

Its being claimed Man vs Wild is a fake. I’ve been skeptical of the show ever since Bear carved a boomerang and supposedly used it to nail and kill a rabbit from 50 feet by hitting it in the head, making a loud Batman “Thock!!” sound. Conveniently off-camera. Ah well- I still look forward to watching the show. It is entertaining.

If you want to watch a real survivor however, check out Survivorman. The 2nd season starts in the US on August 10th.


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  1. Tom permalink

    “And in a further episode, supposedly “wild” horses rounded up by Grylls had come from a local trekking facility, he claimed. ”
    That and the rabbit….no doubt

  2. While I haven’t seen this show, I’m always suspicious of shows where the cameraman and sound guy face just as many challenges as the “hero” – sometimes more.

  3. Too bad! I like the show and thought that all the adventures were unaided.

    Of course that some scenes were enhanced using sound or video editing, that’s not a big deal. But sleeping in a hotel!?!? Come on!

  4. Ryan Murphy permalink

    To everyone who is hounding Bear, you are all pathetic.
    Bear is a highly trained British SAS Soldier. Whom at any point in his career could eaisly be a consultant for various motion pictures and movie companies. Or work for the CIA or NSA as a field operator. You all question his methods and say he is a fraud not because you have actual solid evidence, but because you are all bored. You all probably just feel like nimrods because you havnt completed 1/8 of what he has at such a young age.
    You all who hate him so much and go through such great lengths to tarnish his name, and call him a fraud, well you all are really pathetic, and your really no different than one of those big foot or UFO morons. Before any of you probably even watched the show, you already thought he was a fraud, so what you do is pick out the slighest inperfection, the most minute detail (conviniently to blury or out of focus to REALLY SEE) and make up whatever lie or story you can about what you think you see, then call bear a fraud.
    I hope you all wise up and stop hounding this guy. And really, if your so much better, and you think you could do it, with or without technical, safety assistance, then do it.
    John Snider
    British SAS

  5. Ryan Murphy/John Snider,
    I think that everyone has to recognize that Bear does a lot of crazy stuff that most of us will never have guts to do.
    The problem I have with the show and his approach is that on one hand he puts himself into a position of a person who can show others how to survive in dangerous situations, but on the other hand some of the techniques he uses are questionable or outright wrong. Most of the people who create the wiki sites pointing out Bear’s mistakes are doing so to bring up evidence as to why particular techniques that Bear used are wrong, and what the right thing to do is.
    Nevertheless, the show is entertaining 🙂
    Slovak NBIA (never been in an army)

  6. Aurora permalink

    How is he a fraud?
    When he jumps in water he gets wet, you watch him eat whatever is available for nourishment. Just because in the countries/states we live in there aren’t free roaming horses doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
    Personally I think I could throw a rock from 50 feet and nail a bunny, probably wouldn’t kill it, but I’ve trained for baseball and softball my entire life. Maybe the doubters need to get off the couch and stop judging the man who entertains you.
    I think it’s safe to say that when he urinated on the cloth and it magically went from dry to wet and he wrapped it around his face that was not for show. What about eating the eye of whatever type of deer or elk that was? Would any of you do it?
    Until I see you evading cracks and lava rivers on a volcano no one has the right to judge, some of it just can’t be fabricated.

  7. Elaine permalink

    Look Bear is showing people tips and ways to survive say we get in those type of siuations.Naturally he isnt going to put himself and the crew members in life threatening situations.I personally have got some great tips from watching Man vs Wild.How many people’s cars have broke down on a cold nite on a long stretch of road,well take a tip from one of his shows where he was using his pee in a bottle to provide heat and use it for that situation.Alot of his suvival tips can be applied to everyday life. Why is it that people always search for the negative instead of the positive.

  8. Rita permalink

    I dont care what anyone says i still believe in BG!! he is so cool he all i watch on tv. his show is awesome and i learned so much stuff from him. like his snake poem i no he didnt make it but without him and jeff corwin i coul be lost in a jungle. LOVE you BEAR!!!

  9. Thomas Pain permalink

    For all of you calling Bear a fraud you make me sick and I think all of you are pathetic. The man has accomplished more at his age then most of you will in a lifetime. It is human nature for people to destroy or attempt to bring some one’s accomplishments down to their inferior level simply to comfort their own sloth. I do not personally believe that he spent the night in any hotel. Reading his resume he does not strike me as a man who wouldn’t be able to handle a night in the jungle or on a mountain. And if you watch The Alaskan Mountain Range episode he says he could not catch a fish because he did not have the patience but one of the crew members had better luck so he does not deny or try to hide the fact that help is given to him if needed and that does not take anything away from what he does on his own. I’ll tell you what, you put yourselves in the same situations as Bear and lets see how you survive, until then accomplish something of your own and get a life. In my eyes Bear is one of a kind and as far as Survivorman is concerned it literally put me to sleep.
    Lieutenant Thomas Pain
    United States Marine Core.

  10. syd permalink

    how many of you all would like to be out there alone with the wild animals and such. or maybe fall a great distances from a mountain with no help. i think all of you are crazy. i would like to see you try to make it. Bear Grylls is the real thing.

  11. shilpa permalink

    Bear Grylls is awesome!! So what if everything doesn’t seem true. I still like to watch his show and his daring stunts. Just watching him eat raw animals is not fun! But he gives great tips on survival. We just wish him to be safe and successful in his expedition…

  12. Kristine permalink

    Regarding the horse, if it were truly wild, it would take more than just a few hours to be able to walk up to it. I’ve watched that particular episode three or four times and if you look at the bottom of the horse’s hooves while it trots away, you can see that it does have shoes on it. I have no doubt though, that the technique he showed is quite true as he has many experts working on the show.
    Bear is such a kick to watch. We love survival Friday’s and we look forward to his episodes!! I love seeing what he can get himself into next and how he gets out of it!
    A great testiment to the show; Earlier this winter, several kids fell thru ice and into a body of water were able to crawl out safely, only because they watched Bear’s demonstration of crawling out of ice himself!! Those kids probably wouldn’t have survived if they hadn’t been "Man verse Wild" fans. The story is absolutely true, go check it out on Yahoo news for yourselves.
    So, to all those who say such horrible things about him and the show, shame on you!! If you can’t do even a 1/4 of what he can do, save your breath!!!

  13. amber permalink

    i think that Bear should be looked up to because he has done a lot of crazy things. The people who think Bear is a fraud are probably jealous of him. i enjoy watching Man vs. Wild because i love watching Bear.

  14. Jose Sepulveda permalink

    I think Bear Grylls is the real deal. He teaches a lot of real survival techniques we can all learn from.
    Jose Sepulveda U. S. Army and Ninjutsu Black Belt.

  15. Kevin permalink

    Well to all you dopes defending Bear Grylls, you really look STUPID now.
    It has been shown time and time again sine you first posted in summer 2007 how he is a complete utter Fraud.
    He did sleep in motels. He did get harassed by a man in a bear suit,he did substitute beef for wild game. He did take road kill and claim he hunted it down and dispatched it. He did claim to dangerously cross lava formations in Hawaii only to be exposed as doing it 50 yards from a roadside at a tourist trap.
    Bear Grylls is trying to make a career out of being a deceiver. he is not to be admired but rather, shamed.

  16. chini permalink

    People! this is a Man vs Wild survival show!! Bear is showing tips and ways to survive in certain situation. Him or his crew doesn’t have to be in real situationto survive. They may have to create one to show survival technics. His show is a hit! Do you think any REALITY show is REAL??? There is some editing and acting always.. Bear is a familyman. If he is making a career out of his show, so why not?? He is not a deceiver.. I admire him..
    Recently, he was Rachelray show and discussed some great tips!! I love watching his shows.. My husband admires him too. People are just jealous..

  17. Mark permalink

    If you are serious about observing (and learning) about surviving in hard terrain and difficult situations you go to Les Stroud. You Don’t go to Bear Grylls.
    Survivorman is far and away Much better than Man vs. Wild.
    There’s nothing even remotely fraudulent about Les Stroud yet everything is suspect about Bear Grylls.
    It’s just the Truth.

  18. Biff permalink

    No one is saying Bear doesn’t have good tips to share. It’s the the fact he lies on every episode. If he were to say "Let’s pretend this is a desert island, I will show you how to survive it" Rather than "I really am about to die of no water" and there is a drinking fountain 6 feet away.

  19. tommy tucker permalink

    les stroud is the man, i did watch all of bear grylls episodes, and they seemed great till the fraud stuff, now i dont know what to think, but i know one thing and that is that les stroud is the man.

  20. ryan rem permalink

    bear is a jackass!!his intentions seem a little suspect, more for his own self glorification than actual survival tips. its not only all the accusations of fraud its his ways of going about surviving. for example, he squeezes "water" from shit and his choices of "food" are a little outrageous. les at least cooks his food and shows you how to get clean water rather than eating raw everything and just because its wet doesnt mean you can drink it. its more shock value than survival tips. im in no way saying i could be dropped off in the desert and live comfortably and it seems bear cant either, he should just try to be a little more humble about his survival in his show. and we should all remember it is just a show. LESS FOREVER!!

  21. Dave the Hobbit permalink

    I always thought most of what we see is faked, BUT then again, it’s still very entertaining. Besides, a person doesn’t actually have to be in dire straights to show others what to do when THEY might be in dire straights…get it? It’s TV anyway and, as we all should realize by now, TV is NOT reality, not even the news.

  22. jonathan permalink

    If you watch the show much they have a discaimer on there saying that some challenges have been "presented" to him to show how you could do it. They never said he was out there and it is exacly what happended the whole time. Its a show for entertainment.

  23. Eric permalink

    This is one of the best shows on tv. Again TV! I have seen him get a hand when he fell in a hole on the SD episode. Big deal at least he moves around. I think this all comes down to Les haters vs Bear haters. I am a Les hater because he sits in one spot the whole time waiting to be rescued. Man Vs Wild is a far better show do do to the camera crew. We watched the recap of all the wild shows last night and you forget sometimes the extreeme Bear gos to like the dung juice and snake skin pee. I would follow him anywhere. I wouldn’t ask Les for fresh breath of air if I was lost in space.

  24. Tom permalink

    i cant believe all of you people decieving bear grylls!!
    he is the coolest person alive and i love his shows.
    he is funny, entertaining and such a character. all of you low lifes who are just jealous of him,
    stop wasting his time.
    you all think you can do better?
    go out, make your own TV show about how to survive and make that a massive hit.
    i love his shows, i have all the series and who cares if some might be fake?
    its a fun survival show, that bear loves and we love.
    like some of the other SAS soldiers said, bear is a highly trained soldier and knows what he is doing.
    he makes me laugh and the things he does teaches me about survival.
    for example, when he went into the everglades, he jumped into that mud hole thing and showed us how to escape.
    he also said there was a man trapped in one of them for 4 days. bear did it in about 10 minutes. a hell of a lot quicker.
    imagine if that person was you…

  25. TIboni permalink

    If any of you have watched this show, you would know, that at the begining it basically says, there are emergency techs on hand if needed, and if a situation arises that is to dangerous, they avoid it. As far as everything else, sure, I believe he is doing something fun and entertaing for all of us. I mean if it wasn’t for bear, would we be here having this meaningles conversation. who really cares. If you want reality, get off your rump and go do something.

  26. Fireman permalink

    Well if he’s a fraud or not. To me it doesn’t matter on bit. It’s a TV show. Look at it as entertainment not as an source for sound information.
    Oh and I have to respond to Thomas Pain. How can you disrespect and dishonor the men and women that wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. USMC is United States Marine Corps. No real Marine would ever get that wrong.

  27. Casey Walker permalink

    I like BG, I can watch his show all day long,to be honest im watching it right now,I think hes really good at what he does and he knows his sh*t i dont dought his integrety or his professanalism heck if i was in a servival situation id want him with me i cant say enough good things about Bear Grylls…..BUT!!……..a scared to death hungry tired cold tarafied lost stranded 31 year old female/male school teacher who took a two week vacation that went bad might not posses the training to leap down a cliff or swing on a vine onto a tree then shimmy down the cliff. the point is… the first thing your tought in a servival situation is don’t take any unesasary risk’s becuase if you f**k up just the leeeeeeest litle bit your for lack of a better word F**KED!!!YOUR DEAD cause there isnt know servival tech near you there isnt any help PERIOD!!!.Go ahead swing on that vine i dare you then when you slip and break your leg/arm you just might understand what the heck im talking about. Hey I understand somtimes you don’t have a choose but that needs to be explained before somebody is lost and decides to shimmy down a rock face before the decide to take the extra effert and time to walk 3 hours out of there way to get to the bottom of he cliff safely. Bear Grylles is an Idol alot of people is going to follow what he seys,it is importent that he seys the right and the safest thing not the most exciting or daring…..Again i think BG is great but he needs to explain certain things in is show and he does not…..and that ladies and jentelmen makes him dangerous…………….Oh ya I almost forgot I was lost I was stranded I was in a life or death servival situation and i stand by my qout 120% and i dont care what anybody else thinks
    Casey Walker USMC MSOC
    oh ya dont mine all the spelling errors its like 2 in the morn and i typed really fast and this isnt really a big deal for me so you guys pretty much understand what i mean in the qout

  28. Kahnabus permalink

    Ok for starters whether or not parts of his show are staged, they are done so to allow Bear to give examples on ways to survive, and if you say he does it wrong because some book tells you to do it another way, remember that some day you may be faced with a situation that the "book" shows you one way to do it but in reality that just doesn’t work for you, All survival techniques were comprised of situations from other people who were unfortunately stuck in a bad place and had to figure a way out (yes even those taught by the military are from situations once faced by someone else)
    no technique for survival was just made up to allow you to survive, it is or has been refined from other peoples misfortune.
    For those of you who want to compare Les Stroud (who in my opinion is another great survivalist) to Bear is just idiocy, I would rather watch a guy do staged stuff and get the point across then to watch another guy almost cut his finger off cause he has a serious lack of attention, Les is just as fun to watch as Bear but lets be honest here Both of them could survive more deadly situations than 95% of the world and probably 105% of the people in this post, cause I would almost be willing to bet my right index finger that half of you pansy weenies couldn’t find your way out of a parking lot if it weren’t for you car alarms Horn…

  29. paul t. goodman permalink

    For those who say, bear gryll is a fake, then let those demonstrate the acts of beargryll in front of witnesses and on film. I served twenty years in the united states marine corps. i had mountain climbing training, desert and cold weather training around the globe. I fought in a south east asia war in thick jungle. And when we are watching bear, often I’ll know his next move or what he’s looking for.
    I AM NO WHERE NEAR THE EXPERT AS BEAR, but I’m also sixty years old and still can tie knots, rapell, etc.. At any rate, I (we) do learn things from his show, and we
    even give credit to his camera crew. Those who can not or do not speak of bear gryll
    in a positive manner, my response to them is, OBVIOUSLY YOU DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT BEAR SAYS OR DOES, YOU JUST STARE AT IT BECAUSE YOU REALLY DON’T GET THE CONCEPT OF ‘HAVING TO SURVIVE’. or YOU’RE JUST STUPID AND COULDN’T DO WHAT BEAR GRYLLS DOES. we enjoy the entire series and look for more. keep up the great work bear, we’re watching and practicing.

  30. Rob permalink

    Bear is authentic in everything he does. He’s not fake. Oh and Thomas Pain, marine "core"? I always thought it was Marine Corp but hey, I didn’t go to the marines. Who know’s who is fake eh?

  31. Anonymous permalink


  32. john permalink

    hahahahahahaahahaha, it is pretty straight forward.
    he gets paid and you get entertained, and it is working because you have all taken the time to read and type.

  33. caroline permalink

    Firstly, SURVIVAL- we are living in the 21st century! Was there even a need for this guy to make this documentary? Like to be honest I realise that he is trying to show that man can survive in these conditions and all but is there really a need to be killing these innocent animals and drinking their blood ? We all know that man can survive so why recreate something of the past?!? we are not cave men/women anymore ! I honestly feel that this guy ‘BEAR’ is pathetic and just to witness him killing a reindeer and drinking it’s blood actually makes me sick !!!!
    I am always curious when watching nature programmes and discovery channel and love to learn of different cultures but this guy has made these documentaries just for the fame , recognition and above all the cash !

  34. All that matters is that people are entertained and somewhat educated. This guy gets paid either way.

  35. akash permalink

    For those who say, bear gryll is a fake, then let those demonstrate the acts of beargryll in front of witnesses and on film. Look Bear is showing people tips and ways to survive say we get in those type of siuations.

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