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That New Baby Smell

November 8, 2007

These past few days, my baby has morphed from giving off a faint vanilla smell, to some sort of pleasant fruity smell. (The parents out there know what I’m taking about, those without kids probably think I’m high, but its true.) This is pretty much all you can smell, when there’s no activity on the other end. 🙂 Its nice. Curious as to the source of this smell– as we don’t use any scented baby products– I tried a few searches that led to dead-ends. Just a bunch of folks swooning over it, JLo’s purported wish to make a perfume that smells like it, and a bunch of other non-technical nonsense.

Surely there are some baby-oriented Harold McGee‘s out there, or even a baby HowStuffWorks that have done some research into the cause for that “new bay smell”?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    They probably smell like that so parents want to hold and protect them?

  2. A couple weeks ago, Skrock-ette (now 12) gave off her baby scent — I wondered if it was a triggered memory. In either case, it was nice.
    Inhale all you can while you have the chance!

  3. Must attach baby to gas chromatograph.

  4. I googled "new baby smell source" and it brought me back here! 🙂
    I have a faint memory that the smell comes from their skin as they slough off the cells that were soaked in the embryonic fluid. Not so cute when you say it that way.

  5. Katie permalink

    My baby is 8 months old and for the past four days gave off a strong vanilla scent. It has just stopped and I am curious to know if it was related to the amoxicillin he was on. I like the smell but am concerned that it might be something more.

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