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Props to DD-WRT

November 21, 2007

After spending way too much time debugging my router issues earlier, I postponed the upgrade to DD-WRT. Just didn’t want to deal anymore, and even if it went totally smoothly, I’d still have to re-enter my DDNS, MAC address filters, etc once the firmware was replaced… or so I thought.

Tonight I bit the bullet and installed v24 RC4, expecting some pain (ahem, without RTFM first.) It was ridiculously simple! After the upgrade, the first thing I did was Google for the default admin user/pass then go to change it. After applying the changes, most of the text went to gibberish (ex: “??????Xs?/??”). Sonofa– I knew it was too easy. Well it turns out the same page that allows you to change your user/pass also has a language selection dropdown that defaults to Chinese for some reason. Luckily, the guys who wrote it didn’t do a proper job, and the drop-downs and mouse-overs on the menus were still in English, and I was able to find and revert this. Phew. Crisis averted.

So I start poking around, digging out my MAC address list from the personal wiki, and realize the MAC address list in the router is already populated with my earlier list– they didn’t get clobbered in the upgrade! Seems my DDNS settings survived also (good thing too, I never remember my password for Woot! I’ll definitely be first in line to jump on future release candidates, now that I’ve learned it really is a painless process. The interface is much more intuitive, and is way more feature rich. I had no idea you could crank up the TX power so high (Default: 28, Range: 0 – 251mW). I wonder if that puts out more radiation than an old CRT. 😉


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