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Better Feed Management

December 19, 2007

Just catching this 43folders entry on managing feeds with groups. I recently recategorized and/or unsubscribed my entire subscription base myself, after looking at the feed reader (Google Reader) as my nemesis rather than ally. It started with an “At the Top” category, but as I realized one “important” bucket was insufficient, I broke down and redid them all on order of importance rather than subject matter. Organizing based on subject can be done via tags anyway.

Old groups: At the Top, Blogs, Brew, Buy, Code, Food, Gadgets, Listen, News, Photo, Read.
New groups: 1, 2, 3, 4, ephemeral. “1” means read today, “4” is the bitbucket- I don’t read it, but want to keep a link to the feed. Ephemeral is whats called “news” in the 43folders article- stuff you can mark all as read if you get behind. (Geeky name I know, blame Will. :))

So far so good. I’m doing my best to keep the categories at 5 tops…


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One Comment
  1. Nice. After your news reader gets a decent number of feeds it definitely starts to feel unmanageable and in my case I would often just stop reading all together rather than waste time trying to sift through too much crap. That system sounds like a much better way to stay organized.
    I haven´t even touched my feed reader since starting my trip. This may be a good reason to login for the first time in over 4 months :/

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