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FIX: MacBook Pro Slow to Sleep, Wake

February 21, 2008

Since upgrading my laptop to the latest Mac hardware (MBP 3.1) and software (Leopard 10.5.2), the latency in system suspension and wake up has driven me nuts. Watt did some asking around, and was pointed at this snippet on how to disable ‘safe sleep’, in short:

$ sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
$ sudo nvram "use-nvramrc?"=false

then reboot. I don’t have much of a sample size, but this seems to have fixed it for me. An added benefit is that sensitive information isn’t written to disk in the clear (as suggested in the article comments.)

UPDATE: this seems to have fixed the slow-to-sleep problem, but I still have the slow to wake problem. :-/


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  1. madprof44 permalink

    Since you are close to the top on a google search, "unibody macbook pro failure to wake up from sleep", thought I’d weigh in. For those who arrived here as I did a piece of advice:
    If you are considering one of the new pros, wait. A clean install, apple, adobe, and MS software exclusively added, be prepared for the once familiar thrice-daily ten-seconds-on-the-power-button reboot. Since the G4 they haven’t figured out how to handle this problem on any new first generation machine (believe me, I know). Incomprehensible that they haven’t figured it out by now.
    And remember: the new pros aren’t any faster, 9600 notwithstanding: better to buy a now-cheap earlier model and cram it with 6 G ram and a nice RAID sysetm, still cheaper and much faster.
    As an Apple customer since ’84 whose owned everything (including the "portable"), got to say this is one of the worst ever. The track pad stinks too (not that any of the mags would ever mention this); sticky, unresponsive, and worst of all unpredictable.
    As part of my living I publish lots of book reviews. I write criticism reluctantly, usually surrounding it with praise. But none here, can’t think of a single improvement except perhaps the "Brick". But it is marketing and Apple’s hopes for the long term that have taught us the word.
    To summarize and repeat: this computer is neither very good nor very new, and moreover possesses some of the worst defects of Apple’s past failures.

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