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Awww. Or: My Wife’s Cute Toolbox

March 30, 2008

While looking for a suitable ‘project box’, I eyed the above toolbox in the corner of the garage thinking it’d be a perfect fit. Unfortunately, it belongs to my wife who says it has sentimental value– apparently passed down from a long line of handymen. 😉 (Instead, I repurposed one of my homebrewing boxes to contain my Stoker system.) This red box contains one or two useful items- but the rest look like something that should be stamped Playskool. The most humorous of items are not one but two tiny little hammers. It brings a smile (and a bit of a cringe) to my face thinking of my then-future wife trying to drive a nail trough our impervious plaster walls with one of these toy hammers.

I’m glad we’re hanging on to it. It’ll come in handy whenever I need to remind myself I can be occasionally useful…


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  1. Tom permalink

    Deets on that caution tape!

  2. The caution tape is the best! Don’t quite understand why the extra electrical outlet is present — seems like an advanced maneuver in comparison to the rest.

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