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Urban Bee Keeping

April 10, 2008

This video has renewed my interest in raising bees. I didn’t even think to keep the hive on the roof. Thats a great solution- even though I’ve got a backyard (as its not near any neighbor’s backyards, or readily accessible by children.)


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  1. renko permalink

    dude, break out the beastie boys ‘sabotage’. I was convinced for the first 2 minutes this was an archive clip from ’78.

  2. I’ll bet no one invites this guy to parties much any more. "He’s just going to bring raw honey again!"

  3. That’s pretty great. I love his attitude: "I’m like a lazy SOB so, you know, I just kinda figured I’d get some bees, ‘n make gifts, n’ stuff." lol.
    On a different note, the idea of having the "cycle of life" close by like that, whether it be bees, chickens, fish, whatever, is quite compelling. We have raised Angel fish from eggs, have our own garden, etc. and it really is rewarding. Bees, from the sound of it, don’t sound all that difficult, and the results would be, <achem>, "sweet."

  4. thanked post

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