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Bear Grylls Comes Clean; Survivorman Season 3

May 23, 2008

My friends Tom, Igor and I have a good laugh whenever we see another comment on this old entry questioning the realism of the show Man Vs Wild. It seems he’s got a vast legion of supports, largely women and military men. O RLY?

With the start of this season, each return from commercial break opens with this disclaimer:

no doubt as a response to the wave of criticism that the show is portrayed as genuine when in reality much of it is staged, or safety precautions put in place beforehand but never shown to the viewer (such as ropes and harnesses).

Now my beef has never been that he has help. Its very clear there’s at least one camera man following him at all times- so he’s never truly out on a limb. Its that he opens with the statement that he’s going to (paraphrased) show you how to survive in dangerous situations, when in reality he takes what would be very unnecessary risks that he probably wouldn’t even do if there weren’t that off-screen safety net. Certainly makes for entertaining watching, but surviving? No.

So I was pleased to see this recent entry on Les Stroud’s blog talking about the first shoot of Survivorman season 3! And better yet he’s doing something that might actually occur to normal people: simulating a lost backpacker in the Sierra Nevada. I can’t wait. (and yes, I will continue to watch Man Vs Wild. Who else is going to climb the waterfalls and dig up the porcupines?)


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  1. john permalink

    Having seen both and having taught wilderness survival (ok, at the boy scout level), I prefer survivorman over man vs wild.
    Bear simply takes risks that are too great in a true survival scenario. Free climbing up a clif or jumping into rivers from 20′ up… WTF?. I’d rather spend an extra 60 minutes finding a safe way up or down then risk a broken leg.
    Bear is almost pure entertainment, Les is educational.

  2. kenji permalink

    i enjoy both shows because they are both entertaining. i like les because he’s educational but i like watching bear because it shows worst case scenerios, or situations where u need to get 2 some place quickly(like if u wanted 2 get shelter before night fall. les goes alone and i like that, but i also being able to learn things from a 3rd person prespective. Bear was also with the special air services and i like that about him

  3. Tara permalink

    I loved Survivorman when it first came out. Very educational and informative, especially the Urban Disaster one. But really, who is SEXIER? I dont care to see a balding Les strip, but Bear Grylls? That is nice. I wished he do the whole episode in his skivvies. They are both badass Mo Fo’s. Les is amzing hauling all the camera gear around but Bear is awesome in all he does, very exciting. And what are Les’ credientials? I know what Bear did. Everest, Special Forces, etc., etc. If I got to chose one of them in a survival situation I would chose Bear but mostly in hopes of him getting NAKED!!!

  4. WANA BE BEAR permalink

    Ok. just to say. I am a much bigger fan of bear then les. Why? because bear is way more exciting and he actouly gets out of the situation he is in. Do u remember the episode on survivorman when les is in the desert does he find his way out?? no he says
    im over this and im going to this camp over this way. then he leaves. end of that show. and another thing. u know when les gets a ride from the hitch hicker at the end of the show. he gets in the car and leaves. when the camera catches it all. like anyone in the right mind would leave a camera behind. ITS SET UP…

  5. mike permalink

    yeah, very happy to hear about les stroud doing a season 3. to me, the big difference between les stroud and bear grylls is that what les stroud does is for SURVIVAL. what bear grylls does is for entertainment. sometimes i bet there is a man following bear grylls around with a wad of cash, and every time they find a dead, rotting animal, the guy pulls out his cash and says to bear "i’ll give $$$ to eat its liver, and to crawl inside it for 30 minutes."
    seriously, les stroud is a survivalist, and bear grylls is an entertainer.

  6. 2028 A.D permalink

    Currently, season three is currently under production, Northern Canada, Sierra Nevada (U.S.), Papua New Guinea, Madagascar are some of the confirmed locations. According to Survivorman newsletter, the Sierra Nevada episode is completed with filming as of May 17, 2008. Les wrote in his web log that Sierra Nevada episode is based upon a backpackers scenario, having to survive with only the few basic tools a backpacker presumably would carry; a tent, sleeping bag and a flashlight.

  7. Steve permalink

    There is no ‘Better’.. the information portrayed in each show is valid and highly entertaining,.. instead of judging if the efforts of les and bear meet your standards, (from the safety of your sofa) perhaps try to remember that these people dont owe you anything, they are simply trying to impart knowledge and awareness. – if you dont like it,.. the ‘off’ button is at the top left of your remote…

  8. Angie permalink

    I agree with Steve, information from both shows can benefit people. In fact, there was a local news story (here in New York) over the winter about two young boys who rescued a third from any icy lake near their home; they credited information they saw on Man vs. Wild with helping them save the others boy’s life. So, despite the fact that Bear is certainly more on the entertainment side of things it should not be overlooked that some of the information could be used by regular people not far from their own homes. As far as Bear receiving more help than people previously thought; Sure, Discovery should have been transparent from the beginning about how things are done, but Bear’s resume speaks for itself. He could still survive precarious situations if he really needed to; but I don’t need to know that a man’s life really is in danger in order to be entertained.

  9. brian permalink

    bear grylls is a fraud and got owned on international TV. les stroud imparts practical knowledge and goes the extra distance to insure what you see on his show is authentic.
    bear once found "wild horses". wild horses don’t have horse shoes on! he clearly says that they’re wild, yet it’s apparent that whole scenario is as choreographed as professional wrestling. i find les more entertaining because i never find myself wondering if what he’s saying/doing is legitimate survival advice. the discovery channel told les he could film all the survivorman episodes he wanted and they’d pay him. les only does a few because it takes a toll on his body and he requires weeks afterwards to get his strength back. it’s not about quantity it’s about quality. i can appreciate that!

  10. Adam permalink

    I’m going to have to go with Les Stroud as my favorite. Bear Grylls might appear to be putting himself through tougher situations but the fact that he has a camera crew with him (who he has admitted to having HELP him build a shelter because it was too much for one man to do) really makes me wonder how legitimate the experience is. I know people talk about off screen safety precautions which in itself is pathetic (I wouldn’t mind if he admitted that the show was just for entertainment, but he preaches all about showing the audience valuable things they’ll need to know in order to survive in REAL WORLD situations–I don’t usually have a camera crew following me around to help get me through impossible situations so most of his staged stuff doesn’t apply to me) but it begs the question whether he is being given food off screen too. With that enormously vague disclaimer after every commercial break I wouldn’t doubt that he gets a full meal each night, provided him by his cameramen.
    As an afterthought, I think it’s worth mentioning that the true credit should go to those very same cameramen who he is criticized for bringing along. Those people climb up the same cliff faces as Bear and jump down the same waterfalls as him all while filming his sorry face–now that’s a TRUE challenge (and much more akin to the Survivorman experience).

  11. jimmy permalink

    Les Stroud is the best, its such a calming show, and its also entertaining, watching him starve or find food, etc. Grylls the hypocrite on the other hand is a complete phony. I remember one episode where he jumps in a river then climbs a mountain and jumps in a natural hot spring, only when he gets out he has no dry clothes one second and the next they magically appear. Or on one episode grylls is supposed to be in the middle of the desert when there is clearly a highway running right past it. This guy sleeps in hotels between shootings, if only he admitted he was fake i would enjoy it, but its his deception that upsets me.

  12. rex permalink

    what kinda dumba** jumps in a mud pit. im not a suvival expert but i know to stay away from mudpits. when surviving you should jump into a 30 ft waterfall and climb a 100 ft rock wall. what? Its not realistic, and no where near as dangerous as what stroud does. Id have to agree with Adam and give the credit to the cameraman on man vs wild. Its not a survival show, its bear grylls showin off. and half of the time he fails. i really hope les does a season 3 so i can be really entertained! keep it up survivorman!

  13. Paul permalink

    Yeah, I remember the episode of Man vs. Wild where Bear sees a rabbit in a field and manages to kill it with a stick. Turns out the rabbit was tied down and it took multiple attempts to slay it.
    Meanwhile Survivorman roughs it out in true survivor form. He shows you the practical and logical ways of surviving. You don’t go expelling all of your energy trying to get to civilization. You stay put (if people know where you went) and focus on food, water, shelter and try to keep calm.
    Les is the man!

  14. Tomsan56 permalink

    This story about Bear has been totally defrauded, I spent 10 minutes researching that and figured that out. The Mike they talk about in the story has stated more then a few times that he’s aggravated all these "blow hards"(he literally said that) took what he said out of context and more then that. I’m not a "Bear" supporter but seriously how can you knock this guy? I’m 99.9% of people that will cry fraud haven’t accomplished much more then camping next to a fire in a tent with running water and electricity on site (maybe not electricity…but probably) Now chew me out because you know I’m right and cry more about Bear being a fraud.

  15. Paul permalink

    You’re gravely mistaken. Episodes have actually been edited and re-aired on Discovery because of the misleading information provided. He’s a complete fraud, has spent nights in hotels (when he should have been roughing it) had animals conveniently placed, had rafts built for him. The guy is a total joke, even the story about him being the youngest Brit to summit Everest is a sham.

  16. Joe Blo permalink

    just remember-staged or not staged, bear is still trying to teach something. granted, he might do some things he doesn’t need to do-like going into a mud pit, or making a 30 ft jump to save some time, but remember that the whole point of him showing these things is because they could happen to someone in a situation where they’re lost or stuck out in some remote place. you don’t think that anyone’s ever fallen into a mud pit or quicksand? of course people have. most people probably had no clue how to get out. man vs. wild is a show meant for entertainment, but is also pretty informational. a little exaggerated-yes, but still very entertaining. say what you will, but he did scale everest and he was in the sas. pretty impressive in my eyes. he obviously has a great deal of knowledge in survival-just from his sas training alone.

  17. Annie permalink

    Bear is the best, sexiest survivorman in the whole world. He provides us with information that can save our lives in situations were we can be lost and we don’t know what to do. And yes you’ll never know when it can happens to you, and he shows us that nature has tools for survival while finding a way out. The other guy is very boring!!! i don´t like it.Bear is the guy. And i love when he did the show were he got naked!!! waooo what a wonderful body. Please Bear visit Panama again to see you….Hasta la vista baby…

  18. Kurt permalink

    Kudos to Bear for his stamina and endurance as a British Commando. He has my respect for his service. His show however is not intended to be a ‘survival’ show so much as it is designed to be a "Fear Factor in the Woods".
    Bear does stunts & Bear eats gross things, that’s all there is too the show and that is EXACTLY what his producers want.
    Does he have to put a turtle on his shoulder in order to cut off its head and have the blood run down his shirt? Does he have to climb up and down waterfalls and cliff faces when there is a simple trail a few meters away? Does he have to bite every bug so that it oozes down his chin? Nope, Nope and Nope.
    He is what he is – a Showman. And he does a great job at it. I don’t doubt that he is skilled at survival, but that simply isn’t what his program is designed to show.
    Fear Factor vs. Wild

  19. Phill permalink

    I’ll take Les Stroud. He gives real information and expertise. Bear shows things that are not only fake but dangerous, pretending to drink his urine when it is gatorade, pretending to swim in the rapids when he has a life jacket on. And this latest deal where he pretends to have come across a sheep stuck in the mud. Uh if it was stuck in the mud how come rigor did not set in. The slaughtered the poor thing and then stuck it in there. Then he pretends to blow it up as an inflatable to cross a river. Look closely and you’ll see yellow under the water, he has fins on!

  20. Paul Feenstra permalink

    Everything by Bear is played up, especially in the first 3 seasons. "served in the SAS" and "youngest Brit to climb Everest". Both of which are total bullshit. He served in the volunteer regiment of the British Army (21st SAS) and he wasn’t the youngest Brit to climb Everest, not even since his show aired.
    Oh, did you not see the episode where he killed a rabbit with a stick? Yeah, it took multiple takes and the rabbit was actually tied down, pegged to the ground. His show was actually suspended and re-edited because it was clearly misleading the audience, making it seem like he was actually "in the wild".
    A good quote "Traditional survival advice, such as seen on Las Stroud’s "survivorman", typically leans toward lowering risk and maximizing one’s food supply and shelter. Grylls seems more interested in stripping off his shirt, taking foolhardy risks, and eating shocking things for the entertainment of what must be a female-heavy audience. In short…Grylls is entertaining, but a death sentence to those in a survival situation with nothing to rely on, save the lessons they learned from Grylls programs."
    For those that don’t like Les because he’s Canadian, you’ve actually got a much better survivalist in Ray Meer’s. Watch some of his stuff, builds some amazing shelters and shows you how to survive, though he does come quite prepared.

  21. ben permalink

    OK first off everyone watch this video

    god hes is such a bull shit liar.
    I have lost all faith in him after i saw this

  22. Darren permalink

    Get a life.
    Bear Grylls is a real man. He’s the kind of man you read about in the bible.
    Watch "Escape to the Legion" and quit your bitching. "Oh my god, he tricked us, waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Shut up. You’re watching a television show. If Bear didn’t set up and film his show, the way he does, then he would not get the shots or scenes that he does. I much prefer Bear because although Les Stroud informs you of practical, traditional survival techniques, he is a boring man.
    It sure helps when you actually get to see the results and process. Les Stroud is hindered by his camera. He explains and shows you what he is doing about half way and leaves you to guess what else he did or what he didn’t show. Then whatever he did fails and you don’t know what would have happened anyway because he did a poor job of explaining.
    Bear does what he does for you. Sure, he makes money, everyone does. You don’t make as much as him? Join the club.
    Do what he does, become a man, and quit bitching because, "He tricked us!"

  23. mkcrnths permalink

    Face it both shows are bogus in their own way for obvious reasons, which isn’t to say i don’t or wouldn’t watch either one of them when in fact i’d hate to miss an episode of either. Les uses the approach from a surviving standpoint yet the crew isn’t exactly all that far off as they have even done fly overs to check up on him or in the lost at sea episode for example were the Les’s rubber raft had to be anchored to his crews boat until a bad storm passed for his own saftey so really surviving alone please… its unfair to say Les isn’t any more or less phony as both are bogus to an extent.
    Les is boring as hell but the show is sometimes decent although most times he’ll give up after slated time frame going home after not really having gotten out of his immediate predicament rather than just surviving in it while Grylls is an action man, his show is far more entertaining and just as informative not only surviving but getting out of his predicament while shoing how to even if some is done in a reckless easy as one two three sort of way.
    It should be readily apparent to anyone with a brain that both are entertaining even when boring as also when not and or when escaping while surviving whether both escape or not. People just love to nitpick at the slightest stuff meanwhile if it weren’t for these two guys doing they’re thing on tv and showing some valuable techniques regardless of how much reality or staged scenarios are involved most wouldn’t know what to do in such a case.
    It is thanks to both of them that the general public is exposed in a broader sense to possibilites they perhaps never would have thought of let alone applied or perhaps were even aware of, at least now a portion of viewers can gleam some of the ideas or basic’s behind surviving and who’s to say that someday someone might not find themself for whatever the reason in a survival situation which otherwise they would have stood very little to no chance where areas now they have some form of education even amidst the claims of assistance and staged rather than real surviving perhaps someday using some of the very basic techniques or ideas so as they can stand a chance rather than ignorantly or for the lack of any know how needlessly losing their lives.
    Both men deserve better than that and yes i find one boring while the other more action like and entertaining but would i say they are phoneys NO.. in fact both are entertaining in their own way and both are doing a tremendous service by educating the public that it is possible to survive in different scenarios and that alone makes them both HEROIC regardless of both getting assistance or not or others claiming one is more real than the next, both are on tv and have their own shows which should say it all but its not the fact that their part of a show thats important but the things they’re helping to teach regardless of how perfect or imperfectly flawed they might be.. the fundamentals of survival should be broadcast across the globe so that others too can learn at least a little or enough to be able to educate themselves or use whatever they might need from what they’ve learned or remember in the event that someday the need should arise to ever use any form or variation of what these guys preach if it even remotely makes a difference between surviving and perishing so give them a brake cuz these guys are like modern day televised boyscotts on steriods that are making a difference and i could care less if they get assistance as i’ve no qualms about admitting that i’ve learned much that i didn’t know including somethings which i already knew only which i now feel much more self confident about so its empowered me and im sure many others and has definitely helped to make a difference.
    Sorry for any typos.. Best wishes to all and to LES and GRYLLs – DO YOUR THING AND KEEP EM COMING.. proud of what you guys bring to the table regardless.
    Nuff Said.

  24. Josh permalink

    You guys defending Bear Grylls have got to be joking. He’s a stuntman. Plain and simple. That in itself would be entertaining if not for the fact he’s a lying fraud. I actually like both shows but never will look at Man Vs. Wild the same way again. Give YouTube a look and you won’t either.

    I don’t mind the whole "simulate survival situations" thing but to be so extremely fake is taking it too far. Using a guy in a bear costume and leading us to believe he was running away from a real bear? Saying he is on a deserted island when that "deserted island" happens to be Oahu? Seriously, watch those two clips and tell me that his simulated survival is more along the lines of complete fraudulence.
    Les Stroud is really a strange guy and doesn’t have the flair of a Bear Grylls. That said, he is quite the accomplished film maker. You forget that all these shots he does are all done by him. The close ups, time lapse, multiple angles. He is pretty damn talented. Survivorman’s lack of flash really makes up for it in the true to life documentary feel. He says he stays out for a week and thats what he shows. A weeks worth of documented survival. This last episode of Man Vs. Wild (Deep South) showed Bear spend ONE night in the thick of it. They conveniently skipped over the other nights. Which automatically gives me the mental picture of him in a hotel drinking tea with his crew. That show is completely tainted to me now. I’ll take watching the goofy Canuck rough it for 7 days over Bear Grylls and his brand of Fear Factor every time.
    Hey, at least Les Stroud has some integrity and isn’t a bold face liar.

  25. Viewer permalink

    I’m posting a comment because I get annoyed by all the Man Vs. Wild haters out there. I enjoy both shows a lot, and even though the locations are similar the programs themselves are quite different.
    We’ve all learned that Bear’s footage is much more staged or ‘simulated survival’. Yeah that was a minor disappointment but the man, himself, is no fraud.
    I’d boil it down to this: if I knew I was going to be stranded someplace for some length of time, I would choose to be with Les. Along with solid survival skills he’s more of a regular guy that you might be friends with, someone you could enjoy playing cards with while at the same time dealing with a survival situation.
    On the other hand, if I knew I was going to be involved in a real emergency situation like a plane going down in harsh conditions or anyplace where the goal would be to get out of there and get to safety, I would choose Bear, hands down.
    I think that sums is up pretty well. And to the woman (above) who rips on Les for being a balding middle-aged guy: how much you wanna bet if you had an evening of romance with Bear he would be finished in 2 minutes, bored, and onto something else! Not to insult Bear, that’s just more his personality. Les would be more likely to take his time, and enjoy a romantic evening.
    I think Bear is more of a role model, though, which is a nice compliment to him.

  26. Check out this video on Bear Grylls

  27. Chris permalink

    Survivorman is the more educational of the two but Ray Mears is better than them both

  28. I’ve been interested in survival for a while.. not that I’m an expert or anything. I started off watching Les Stroud and he’s still my favourite (maybe because I’m Canadian and I relate to his sense of humour). I agree Bear Grylls takes crazy risks that would be stupid to do in a real situation. Doing a back flip into mangroves, attempting to swim under a blockage in a narrow canyon, free climbing, etc. You don’t need survival training, only common sense to know stuff like that is stupid. That being said I still find the show entertaining. Lately, I’ve started watching Ray Mears and I’ve found him VERY educational. Ray probably delivers the most education per show. He teaches survival and history together.

  29. Mike permalink

    Les is by far more educational and is a person favorite over Man vs. Wild for me. yea for season 3! I enjoy is advice, the realism of his energy level dropping day after day without food, and his respect to nature. Bear is also educational but in a entertaining way. I watch them both. Bear disappointed me though in either the everglades or the jungle episode when he killed a camen and only ate a fist size piece of meat, then killed a huge catfish and took one bite out of it. This isnt surviving at all. If he needed to live from these animals he should of filmed eating all of it. I’m not a tree hugger but Les wouldnt of killed an animal for a couple bites and that’s one difference between them.

  30. Mike permalink

    Who is Ray Mears and what day/channel? I havent heard or seen him yet….

  31. Jake permalink

    dude if you fagots think that bear is fake, id like to see you get out there and try it u sure as heck no you couldn’t and plus bear actually uses practical procedures oh im les stroud lets do some flint napping that i just made up out of the blue…im les stroud and im gonna make a figure four trap that im not even gonna show you how to make…yeah at least bear shows you how to make the stuff. and plus who the frick wants to take it easy, dont u wanna see your family again and crap if u waste energy walking around a mountain les probably animated in you will be winded and you will just give up…bear is better…les needs to go back to his Mommy, and if u doubt that bear wasn’t the youngest brit to climb mount everest look it up in the world record book you stupid queers

  32. Mikeisamongoloid permalink

    Mike, you’ve done nothing more than prove that all fans of Bear Grylls are nothing more than loudmouthed, pre-pubescent, grammatically inept fuckwits. Congratulations!
    Also you’ve shown that you know absolutely nothing about survival, which is kind of an important factor considering that’s the main objective of both shows.
    Sure, Bear is Entertaining, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t want to be stuck out in the wilderness with him. The most important factors of survival are
    shelter, fire, water and food. How often do you see Bear sit still, conserve energy and build a nice shelter? Or make fire without his flint?
    The fact is, when you’re lost and someone knows you’re gone, you stay put! Bear runs around like a moron, all the while getting help from his crew. Its pure entertainment and all the survival advice is lost.
    Take a few survival courses or try going out into the woods yourself for a few weeks. I’ve done it and people like Les Stroud and Ray Mears have great advice.

  33. Ray Mears is British guy who’s done few different series for the BBC. If you have BBC, you can probably catch reruns of either "Ray Mears Bushcraft" (focus on skills) or "Extreme Survival" (incorporates real survival stories). Otherwise you can resort to slightly less ethical means and get all his programs at once.. ahem.. torrents ahem… πŸ˜‰
    You can just tell from watching him he’s been doing this a long time and that he has a great appreciation and respect for what he’s doing. All his shows feature local experts who go into more specific detail on surviving in that particular area.
    cool show.
    Survivorman season 3 is so far so good!! πŸ™‚

  34. djbjustice permalink

    The point of Bear Grylls show is to demonstrate skills to survive and make make it to civilization. Les Stroud is trying to survive for rescue. So, I don’t think that Survivor Man and Man vs. Wild have the same focus. Both shows are educational. Bear Grylls climbs, and knots, and skydives. That is really fun to watch. Les Stroud makes interesting gadgets, and tests different fire making tools. Bear eats many odd things, but he always states that eating such things are in an effort to get needed protein, or nutrients. Frankly, I don’t see the difference between eating Ox eyes and a hamburger. In both cases the animal is being killed. Is one animal somehow more valuable? No, I don’t think so. From watching the both shows, I have learned that I could eat insects, collect water, stay off the ground with certain shelters, how to build fires, use materials, so it’s all really useful information.

  35. Robert permalink

    After the first season my daughter was amazed with Survivor man shows. I emailed him to ask if he could send her a picture. He not only signed the picture but he wrote her a short note. He made a young girl very happy.
    He is a stand up guy and I wish him much success.

  36. Asstractor permalink

    Yeah he’s awesome. Have you ever seen the other specials he’s done?
    Off The Grid – where he builds a house literally off the grid, running off of alternative energy sources. Really interesting.
    Then Snowshoes and solitude.
    He’s not just doing this on television for ratings or money, its really a way of life for him and his family.

  37. Larrybud permalink

    Bear is NOT about survival. He’s about coming up with great ways to get yourself killed if you truly were in a survival situtation. Clearly nobody in their right mind woult attempt many of the stunts, and stunts they are, if they were alone without a camera and safety crew just off screen.
    And that’s fine, but to even compare him to what Les does is ridiculous.

  38. Richie permalink

    Bear is just pure entertainment…Les is just pure survival. Les is out there for seven days with nothing but what he came in with. And sometimes, it’s barely anything. He has to do all the shoots himself as well as finding food to survive. If you ask me, 24 hours in a day and about half of that is not enough time for me to do all the things he does…My vote goes to Les if I was ever to get into a situation where I am stranded anywhere, I sure hope I can remember the teachings of Les, The Real Survivorman.

  39. kenji permalink

    if your in the military watch bears everyone else les. dont no 2 much about the other guy, but heard hes pretty good

  40. Zip JONES Littleson permalink

    Survivorman is for real. Bear was seen in a hotel during his survival shoot. Survivorman aints even got a camera crew. Les stroud is the best his fire making technique is real.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Comparing Man vs Wild and Survivorman is like comparing Brainiac and Mythbusters. First ones are only entertainment, while the second ones are for real.

  42. stephanie permalink

    Bear rules! Les drools!

  43. Idiots. permalink

    Congratulations Mikeisamongoloid, you just trolled the wrong person. The actual person you meant to direct your comments to was named "Jake."
    Swear to god they need to make an IQ test mandatory before people post on the internet.
    Here’s what it boils down to people:
    Bear Grylls: Pure Entertainment and Drama
    Les Stroud: Pure Education and actual survival
    they both serve a purpose and bickering over it just proves that you’ve still got a fourth grade mentality.

  44. A Survivor permalink

    Well said Idiots!!
    Les is a True Survivorman!!! period!!
    Ive done it and Les is the real deal!!!
    Everthing he teaches works, it may take some time to get it to work, but it is real!!

  45. survival permalink

    Is it really that big of a deal in people’s lives that they NEED to choose a side in this matter? BOTH have useful information about survival. Remember…they’re tv (entertainment shows) so they both have to spice it up a bit. Some the techniques used on both sides aren’t as practical in a true survival situation. If you have such a problem…look up and research different techniques yourself and compare.

  46. Both Les and Bear have their merrits, I have learned survival tips from both of them. My real problem comes from Beat being such a drama queen all the time. Every scene he is in, he is out of breath for some reason. I kid you not, 30 minutes after he woke up for the day he was standing in front of the camera, and he was acting out of breath while telling you what direction he was headed that day and why. He also milks eating gross things for all its worth. Yah he will choke down a raw scorpion but afterwards he will say Yuck Blech and make all sorts of noises and tell you how bad it taste. I saw les stroud do the same thing, and he just shruged and said a little gritty but ok. this may not be as dramatic as bear but its a hell of a lot easier to watch someone who isnt just acting in front of the camera.
    Les also shows us situations we can get out of, Bear shows me things 99% of us could never ever accomplish, so why do it if its of no help whatsoever.
    As for bear being a fraud, he really dissapointed alot of people when it happened, i mean we all knew he had company on his trips, but he really did flat out lie about his whole expierences. dont sugarcoat it for him or defend him he lied plain and simple. if you watch the episode the way it was and watch it after they had to redo all the narration you can actually see how much of what he does is bogus. in one episode he shows us how to catch a fish and eats it raw but when it was remade he flat out says I didnt actually catch this fish but i wanna show you how it would look if i did. What a lieing little sissy he is.

  47. Check out this video

  48. Justin permalink

    I just want to say to all those people out there that says Survivorman is set up.
    Well let me tell you He does all the filming himself, he places the camera walks miles, then turns around to get the camera.
    Someone above by the name of WANA BE BEAR says the scene when Les hitch hikes and gets picked up by the car and leaves the camera, obviously he stopped and grabbed the camera again like how he does with every scene of him walking miles into the distance then turning around.
    What kind of ending do you like more the inside of a dirty old car, or him puling away with a nice scene and background?


  50. Steve permalink

    Ok listen up…all you people out there who does’nt think Bear Grylls is a real survivalist, you smoking something. Yes, most of his stuff is for entertainment.I can garuntee Bear Grylls know’s a lot more about survival than you think. In fact, I’m willing to put a good chunk of cash on if you were to drop Bear and Les in the middle of any survival situation where you not only had to survive, but get to safety in a timely manner. Bear would be the go to man. I’m not here to talk down Les. He is a good teacher with lots of good survival skills. I guess you can say I’m here to stick up for Bear. I noticed a lot of trash talk about him in these forums. It takes an EXTRAORDINARY person to do some of the things he has done in his life.

  51. Geronimo permalink


  52. Geronimo permalink

    I just have a question. Obiously Bear Grylls sure knows how to deliver a really exciting television series, I don’t really care about the whole "fake" en "cameracrew" discussion. I am just puzzled why I couldn’t find a answer to the obvious question of how the cameracrew gets across the seemlingly impossible rivercrossings, waterfalljumps etc. When Grylls gets across a river for instance by the help of a raft, how can the cameracrew get across with the raft already on the other side of the river. The show is full of situations like this. Can anyone enlighten me?

  53. Dustin permalink

    Bear is a Sniveling GOOF! I dont care if its entertainment or not….he has no idea what he’s talking about half the time and is obsessed with "vitamins". DO NOT listen to his advice on things like drinking your own piss and storing it in a snake skin unless you want to die a very painful death all alone in the wild. I can’t believe he hasn’t gotten sick or got worms and parasites in his bowels yet. I swear to god he has ADHD for sure. Someone get him ON Ritalin and OFF TV……….GO LES!

  54. Thanks, very nice. Check out this video…

  55. taken real survival lessons its taught to you to NOT take unnecessary risks. like Les, as a fellow Canadian we know that it gets cold. and building a shelter is no.1 then fire, then water then food. that is what we are taught to do when in a survival situation. and never go off your route. Bear climbs and walks to try and get out of the area where he is ‘Surviving’ and so what if hes trained by the SAS they teach there troopers how to survive in enemy territory and have to move so they don’t get KIA. Les’ way of survival is more practical for the general population because he teaches you ways of surviving in a location. how to make shelters, fires out of nothing or with techniques. Bear brings along a conventional fire starter, Les uses a stick his hands and some tinder. In the end Les is a real survivalist and Bear is a adventurer survivalist. with basically no to little danger of hurting himself with the medical help and back-up only seconds away. while Les would actually have to get rescued because his back-up is an hour away from camp, or more.

  56. dude if you fagots think that bear is fake, id like to see you get out there and try it u sure as heck no you couldn’t and plus bear actually uses practical procedures oh im les stroud lets do some flint napping that i just made up out of the blue…im les stroud and im gonna make a figure four trap that im not even gonna show you how to make…yeah at least bear shows you how to make the stuff. and plus who the frick wants to take it easy, dont u wanna see your family again and crap if u waste energy walking around a mountain les probably animated in you will be winded and you will just give up…bear is better…les needs to go back to his Mommy, and if u doubt that bear wasn’t the youngest brit to climb mount everest look it up in the world record book you stupid queers
    Posted by Jake on November 13, 2008 at 09:22 AM PST
    Im repling to this, first. what does the everest fact have to do with anything? its a completely different subject. and secondly, if youve been out in the warm/cold climate for 2 or 3 days with nothing to eat, you might become fatigued, or even a little forgetful. Les doesnt have a 4 course meal every night, like Bear. and last but not least, when you are in a survival situation, and im being bias and talking about the Northern part of North America, mainly Canada, you make a shelter and sit tight until SaR comes and gets you, they will be looking in the area where you have said youd be. not 20 Km south or east. and flint napping is real. and the figure 4 is a legitamate tool. srry if you dont have the common sense to Google Figure 4(four) death trap. it takes so much work for u to do that.

  57. Ken permalink

    All i have to say to these people who have nothing better in their lives than to rip apart Bear..
    Don’t watch the show. And i hope you get lost one day and have no idea what to do..i will cause i’m not gonna sit there and wait like Les and HOPE someone finds me. I’ll get out on my own and the fastest way like Bear shows. Come on wanna camp out or go home when stuck in the middle of nowhere? And if any of you think you can do better..HAVE AT IT!!

  58. Jeremiah permalink

    Bear will undoubtedly wreck any of you and Les at any survival situation… Bear is for entertainment more, He was in the flippin special forces!!!! He could do anything he wants, but he caters to those of use who actually have some youth still in use and can actually do what he does. but he also shows you more and is even more educational than Les showing you all his crap and whining all the time!!! I watch both because I love survival and both are simply amazing…stop hating and get out and make your own show and then you will have room to talk but until you do,… anyone can criticize, but both guys are laughing all the way to the bank!!! Mad respect for both!!!

  59. Koda permalink

    Bear wants to pee on things.

  60. Gary permalink

    Bear is a joke, he is an embarrassment and a fraud. Les Stroud and Ray Mears would show him up for the fool he is. anyone wanting to learn true survival then watch Ray Mears. Furthermore i publicly challenge bear to go up against Ray Mears and Les Stroud in a true survival test.bear will probably show his true side and decline like the cowardly idiot he is. Les and Ray would do it. Ray would emerge the winner and Les a good 2nd but bear…well…… as i say he would just be a no show.

  61. Gabrielle Weasel Head permalink

    I can’t believe it’s still a question of who’s better than who

  62. Gabrielle Weasel Head permalink

    Okay guys, let’s get this straight…all arguments have been for Mr. Stroud as a REAL survivor and BEAR as real show off…right? How about I throw you a whole different scenario…if you were lost, whose ACTUAL advice would you follow? I say, you’d FOLLOW YOUR OWN. We have it in ourselves to survive and we will!!!! Unless of course your strapped to the T.V. and actually contemplating what you would do IF – and that’s a BIG IF – you were BEAR or Mr. Stroud. Get REAL – I’m all for Mr. Stroud – he keeps it &%@!en REAL!!!
    stay home

  63. Who Cares permalink

    All the bullshit aside, who has a successful show on a major network, none of you.

  64. Ben permalink

    Success or poor techniques?
    Bear is ex SAS 21SQN (R) and has been trained in Jungle, Desert, Arctic and Bush survival. Ray Meers Advises the SAS on survival skills and also runs a survival school.
    I admire Les stroud for his "go -it -alone" attitude but. Les makes fundamental mistakes that could cost you your life.
    When he was marooned on the beach he decided to head into the jungle. This broke the no.1 major survival rule.
    He never created a signal fire (rescue from a passing boat?) or had one ready 2. Headed into the jungle when he knew that he was only 2-3kms down the beach from the resort. This both exposed him to the risks of the jungle and also would have made it next to impossible to locate him.
    In the Swamps, he created his shelter on the floor of the island (alligator risk) also used the "old mans beard" to line his bed. This is not good practice as it also provides a home for biting insects.
    His techniques are sloppy and he ended up injuring himself with his own knife. You never risk damaging yourself unnecessarily.
    Personally I like Ray. I have seen his presentations and his DVD’s.

  65. chris permalink

    Les stroud is in my opinion the person i would seek advice from . Bear is pure entertainment, and please people, Bear and the SAS this story has been so miss contexted he trained with the SAS as a student for a really short time. Thats his only connection with the SAS. Les also is on his own so he naturally takes less risks

  66. I think its fair to say that Les and Bear are coming from slightly different angles. Bear is an adventurer and is concentrating mainly on entertainment for the public. Les on the other hand is focusing on actual survival techniques and to a certain extent educates the public at the same time. The tenor of the programmes is also different with Survivorman being much more low-key and to my mind believable. Bear is a little bit "in your face" and he does tend to gloss over certain aspects but at the end of the day, he makes very entertaining programmes.
    So who is the best? In my opinion there is no doubt. Ray Mears is better than both of them put together. His programmes are both interesting and very educational (it is much easier to learn from his programmes than Survivorman or bear Grylls). Another point that impresses me is that he is never afraid of learning techniques from other experts and he comes over as being a very modest guy.

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