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BabyCam: The Stages of Self-Soothing

May 25, 2008

I setup a wireless video camera over the weekend (a Panasonic BL-C131A) to keep an eye on the baby without being in the room. The idea being to teach her to work things out herself since she’ll feel like she’s alone, but still be able to watch her progress (and know when a cry means “I’m overtired and don’t want to be here” versus “my leg is caught in the rails again!”)

Curiously there are no affordable networked video cameras that do better than 640×480- and this one is pretty laggy when you try to do over 320×240. But even with the horrible pixel count and poor low-light performance, its satisfactory as a baby monitor. These snaps were taken showing the phases our kid goes through before finally falling asleep:

Trying to crawl to freedom:

Flailing about wildly:

Mooning the camera:

Dropping the pacifier onto the floor the wailing, knowing one of us will come to retrieve it (now that we’ve caught her red-handed in this manipulation, we’ve gotta work on nipping this):

Then finally collapsing:


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  1. She’s cute and smart — a powerful combo. 🙂 It’s cool that the cam allows you to capture frames. Wonder if it prevents video interception by neighbors w/ the same setup. Back in the 90’s when Skrockette was a baby, we’d intercept the phone signal from the kinky old couple next door via our "state of the art" audio monitor. Gah!

  2. the camera supports WEP, but not WPA. :-/ it does have a ‘privacy’ button we use though. one touch and the lens rotates into the housing. if someone is so bored they want to watch a fully clothed baby scream herself to sleep, they can have at it. 😉

  3. Was it actually light in the room or is the camera very good in low light (ie dark) conditions ?

  4. Darren- the entry mentions is has poor low-light performance. These photos were taken with good light in the middle of the day. In low light, all you can really detect is movement.

  5. She’s cute and smart

  6. good share video izle.

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