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Goodbye Twitter, Hello Tumblr?

May 31, 2008

With 21 hours of downtime for the month of May, I’ve lost faith in Twitter and am struggling to see any remaining value. Sure- when the site was stable, it was great. But now that its floundering with no end in sight, its really quite useless. If I can’t share and consume things on a whim, whats the point of Twitter?

So after running across an interesting tumblr account (via a source I no longer recall) I thought I’d revisit my account, setup a while ago but left alone when it seemed to offer nothing I didn’t already have via Twitter, Flickr, this blog, and my personal Galllery2 site. With Twitter (potentially) out of the picture, I would need to fill that void for the micro-blogging scenario. My recent experience with Pownce suggested it was not stable itself, so why not Tumblr?

In my brief exploration of it so far, my only gripes are that the Mac widget and bookmarklet are crippled (you can only share text), I couldn’t seem to find anyone I know there to follow, and that the ‘quote’ and ‘chat’ sharing options are fairly useless- I’d much rather ditch the audio/video sharing only options and have the ability to share any file type. Tumblr could be the killer app if it allowed sharing of anything.

So- anyone else on Tumblr?


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  1. Calvin Klien permalink

    Try Friendfeed. Thats where the action is.

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