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Letter to Eye-Fi: Allow Access From Any Access Point

June 6, 2008

Eye-Fi is bragging about one of their cards “phoning home”, when in reality, the thieves just “happened to have left their network with the same default Linksys name“. Hey Eye-Fi, if you just allowed the cards to connect to any AP, rather than the ones you call out by name, you’d probably have a lot more happy customers and wouldn’t have to resort to bragging about coincidences. Care to explain why you don’t allow this?


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  1. The new Eye-Fi Explore Card can connect to any open Wi-Fi network (without a splash screen or login) as well as any Wi-Fi hotspot point provided by Wayport. This provides Eye-Fi users with the ability to choose how they want to connect. Maintain a level of security in sticking to their own defined network or go for the ability to upload photos while on the road. I encourage you to read more about the Eye-Fi Explore Card at

  2. rama permalink

    can you point out where it says you can connect to *any* open wifi network? and will this feature be made available for all of eye-fi share?

  3. The page I referred you to does not explicitly mention support for "any open" hot spot. However, I can tell you that with an Eye-Fi Explore Card, you have the ability to upload photos from Wayport and open hotspots (without a splash or login screen) and we mention this in our support FAQ at
    This feature is only available with the Eye-Fi Explore Card.

  4. glad to see that any open AP will work with the new card- but why not enable it via a firmware update on the original eye-fi card?

  5. Etjet57 permalink

    The response beats around the busch. (yes, I know). Eye-Fi doesn’t seem to want to just come out and say it, so let’s get to the nitty-gritty, dirty question:
    Why do I have to subscribe to a service just to get the card to use any open networks? Isn’t that, in essence, charging for something that is otherwise just free?
    What’s next, selling cars that won’t make right-hand turns unless the owner pays an annual subscription fee?

  6. I think the problem of longing onto any open network will be solved sooner or later. I don’t think that these WiFi cards come with a "open with secure network only" feature.

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