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A 3rd Day in the Life of Bean

January 29, 2009

Another email update on our 16 month old:

If Bean kept a to-do list or a daily calendar, here is what it might look like for the morning of Thursday, January 29, 2009.

1:15 AM Wake up crying. Wait impatiently for Mama to rescue me from crib so we can snuggle for 3 or 4 hours together on the couch while I involuntarily, but violently kick her in the abdomen during my restlessly cozy sleep.

4:53 AM Wake up crying and kicking and punching when Mama tries to put me back in my crib.

4:55 AM Drink warm milk until I feel sleepy enough to fall asleep in my crib as soon as my head hits the mattress.

8:27 AM Jump up like a jack-in-the-box when my mama opens the door to check on me.

8:28 AM Run to kitchen to watch Daddy pour the hot coffee for Mama.

8:33 AM Eat buttered toast. Offered buttered toast bits to kitty cat, but pull it away at the last minute. SUCKA!

8:55 AM Charm daddy into letting me watch Noggin Theme songs via YouTube on his laptop.

9:00AM Wave Bye to Daddy as he speeds off on his zoom-zoom motorcycle to a place he describes only as “work”.

9-10AM run around the house with no pants, while goose bumps envelop my legs because it just feels right.

10AM Go to downtown with Mama. Shriek with delight when I drop each coin into the meter. Get angry when Mama says we don’t need to put more coins in the meter, or put coins in other people’s meters.

10:10 AM Go into new French Patisserie and cause such a commotion over $5 chocolate rodent-shaped pastry that entire wait staff comes out from behind the counter to see if the pastry version of the mouse has transformed into a live one.

10:11AM Settle for a small plain butter cookie because my mama will not (a) feed me chocolate (b) pay $5 for a single-serve pastry regardless of how much it looks like an edible version of one of my kitty’s toys, and (c) in spite of what my daddy thinks, I do not “own” her and am not in charge.

10:12-11am Walk around downtown and wave at every passer-by I see; offer my pacifier to all dogs (living or plush).

11:02am Cry hysterically when I have to go back into my car seat, because even though I am so exhausted I could keel over, I would much rather take in the beautiful day and see new places and faces, than sit backwards in the car.

11:15-12:15 Eat some fruit and dance, dance, dance while shaking the new musical eggs mama bought me this morning (

12:20 Practice walking backwards. Practice walking forwards.

12:25-12:30 Practice zipping my fuzzy pajamas up and down and down and up as a way to sharpen my fine motor skills while simultaneously pushing off my much-needed nap.

12:35 Read Olivia and laugh as if someone said something very, very witty, even though there is nothing funny about a pig with a pesky brother after the 400th read — this is yet another way to push off my much needed nap.

12:40 Scream and cry hysterically when placed in my crib as if I have just been wronged in a way that only horrendous crime or betrayal victims can identify with.

12:45 Sweet, sweet sleep.


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  1. very nice and cute.

  2. DiTucci permalink

    The Bean series keeps getting better!

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