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Using Google Services via the Command Line

June 18, 2010

1. Ensure you have Python 2.6+ on your platform.

2. Grab the latest
Google Data APIs Python Client Library, and the Command line tools for the Google Data APIs.

3. Extract and issue a

python ./ build
python ./ install

for both packages.

4. Have at it!

$ google
> help
Welcome to the Google CL tool!
Commands are broken into several parts: service, task, options, and arguments.
For example, in the command
“> picasa post –title “My Cat Photos” photos/cats/*”
the service is “picasa”, the task is “post”, the single option is a name of “My Cat Photos”, and the argument is the path to the photos.
The available services are ‘picasa’, ‘blogger’, ‘youtube’, ‘docs’, ‘contacts’, ‘calendar’
Enter “> help ” for more information on a service.
Or, just “quit” to quit.


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